What IM skills have you developed/specific task have you performed if you had to put it in a resume?

by chadim
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I've been in IM for about a year. I mostly build niche websites which I SEO and make commissions through affiliate programs and CPA. I've also created a few products in the health niche on clickbank and recruited some affiliates.

I have a dayjob where I work for a small company in sales, but earlier this month we had our pay schedules cut from salary+commissions to commission only since the company is going through some tough times. I realize that I will need another job in order to fund my IM pursuits and ramp things up at the speed that I would like. Today I'm revamping my resume (it's been about 5 years), and I'm wondering....what kinds of skills or tasks derived from IM do think might be worth mentioning on a resume?

If you had to put together a resume today...what kinds of thing would you be sure to mention. I'm particularly interested in those that do similar things to myself , such as affiliate marketing, product creation, and list building.

What would you say?


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    I would say that I have acquired skills in online project planning and implementation, designing and a critical eye for software flow testing.
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    Thanks for responding. How might you elaborate on those points? What specific task involved with affiliate marketing, website development, or product creation do you feel are worth mentioning?
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    For myself I would include things like

    "Report writing - conducting extensive research and compiling summary reports in a concise and informative manner"

    "Online Marketing - optimizing websites for search engines (SEO); identifying target markets and creating strategies to optimize product/site for that market"

    "Communication Skills - able to respond quickly and effectively to client concerns' problem solving and relating solutions to the client in a manner that is appropriate and understandable"

    and so on...

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    Cool, thanks Lisa

    How about for the affiliate marketers out there? Anyone care to chime in?


    p.s. There should be a "Thank You" button.
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      Originally Posted by chadim View Post

      Cool, thanks Lisa

      How about for the affiliate marketers out there? Anyone care to chime in?


      p.s. There should be a "Thank You" button.
      above post says it best i think you just take every single task and skill you can peform and get a result, slap some fancy words on it, and there you go! list building=recruting. sales, customer service, analytical writing, etc etc.

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        It depends on the type of job you are going for. Each resume you send should be tailored to that specific job and not a blanket one if you want to stand out from the crowd.

        If you are sending resumes on speck i.e. not in answer to a job advert, find out what field you WANT to work in and then build up the perfect resume from there. Everyone would be different so for example if I wanted a sales job in a company with a web presence I would put
        • generated x amount of sales via internet marketing
        • ability to promote website via on and off page seo
        • proven ability to generate sales using free and paid traffic
        • proven skills in writing seo optimized content that sells
        • proven copy writing experience writing sales letter that sell
        If I wanted a sales managment role then it would be something like
        • responsible for recruiting and training x number of affiliates who in turn produced x amount of sales in x amount of time
        • experience delivering sales training both face to face and via telephone/marketing etc etc
        • setting up, monitoring and reconciling payment processes and accounts etc
        • management of client records/customer service
        competent project management skills with proven ability to work to tight deadlines either on own or with a team. Strong leadership and motivational skills. Committed to delivering excellent service and sales

        If you wanted a job in graphic design and had these skills you would obviously talk about that side of IM.

        etc etc etc

        Hope that helps


        ps an ability to spot a scam a 100 feet away seeing as us Imers are exposed to those on a daily basis lol
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    1. Competitive analysis
    2. Web analytics and conversion tracking
    3. A/B and multivariant testing
    4. Project and outsourcing management
    5. Patience - this was the hardest to learn

    If this post has been helpful please click the "thanks" button ;-)

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    Rach - Thanks for replying. What you're saying makes alot of sense, but I was just wondering what type of wording or phrases people might use to describe what they've done in IM. I find this to be a very helpful exercise even though, ultimately, it will come down to me putting it into my own words.

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    I did this in August for a job as online marketing executive at Groupon UK. I got the job and basically what I mentioned was everything I had done, which included the following.

    SEO, Product Creation, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Copywriting, Domain Flipping, Website Flipping, Web Design, CPA, PPC, CPM

    I listed them as sub topics in my resume and when I got the interview discussed each one in more detail.

    I think it's important to always relate your skills back to what the job is asking from you.
    If you want to learn how to make money online, no bullshit click here.
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    - Article Writing
    - Article Marketing
    - Product Reviews
    - Wordpress Blog Design
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    1. Self-motivation (sole, work-at-home IM'ers usually don't have "superiors" telling them what to do, how to do it and how quickly to work).
    2. Planning skills (again, you're not just a "cog in a machine" as an IM'er"; unlike a lot of employees within a company, you're not oblivious to how each individual task you carry out fits into the bigger picture; you have a broader / fuller understanding of how everything works).
    3. Understanding of business principles (somewhat similar to the above: you're [hopefully] able to think like an executive, not just like a peon; you know that a boss doesn't really care how motivated you are to do something, nor how good you are doing something - unless that potentially translates, one way or another, into more revenue for them.
    I've only had a couple of short-lived jobs since leaving school, but my ability to think "beyond the box" (at least in comparison to many of the people I worked with) seemed to impress my superiors (whilst, at times, causing a little bit of envy amongst my peers). And no, that wasn't because I kissed ass Indeed, I've had a few job offers given to me by business owners, or those responsible for recruiting for their company, just by engaging in casual conversation and showing an ability and a willingness to "think big". However, a long time ago I vowed to do my level-best in order to avoid ever having to take any job again, where I didn't feel like I truly called the shots.

    Good luck in getting a new job, and more importantly, in getting your IM business ramped up and flying high.
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