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Hi everyone, in your experience/ opinion, how is it best to go about selling an eBook please? Its a joint venture so I need to utilize an account that is accessible to both parties.

Is it sensible to go with Clickbank, or perhaps eJunkie, or maybe another setup? Its got to be easy to set up as my abilities in this sort of thing are poor.

Thanks to all those who take the time to share their thoughts!

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    clickbank is easier

    but it depends on the price... if its a higher price use paypal.
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    Hi I think click bank is the most popular. Try them. You can also sell on ebay. But on ebay you would have to print the ebook and ship it to the customer.
    Goodluck. check out a website called homebusinessnaire for helpful tips.
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      Thanks MagicMarius and Gloria - seems that Clickbank is the way to go then. Probably the best way to go if you want to build up affiliate sales too, I guess.

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    Hi Joseph,

    You can sell via clickbank and of course the advantage is that you can then recruit affiliates. This disadvantage is they take a few days to approve your product. If in the meantime you want to get it up today and selling, why not insert a Paypal - Buy Now Button - and it is ready immediately.
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      I hear you Donna, and thanks for your input there. The only issue I have with stuff like that is I'm really pretty dreadful at inserting buy now buttons and what have you onto websites. I had terrible trouble when I did my first WSO on here back in May (I got to bed at 4.30am that morning and had a ton of expectant buyers sending me emails about the buy it now button not working ;-) ).

      But having said that, I think it would make sense to outsource stuff like that rather than me getting in a tizzy over it, so that is definitely an option.

      Thanks and regards!

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