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Hi all!

Thought i'd share with you guys some thoughts and ideas of mine. I've just finished reading some really cool report on building a solid IM business online, and my mind is gushing with ideas now.. so the best way to integrate them is of course to share with others (win-win! :p)

Well anyway the main thing i got from the report is that the "money is not just in the list", but it's also in the "relationship with the list". I know this sounnds cliche, but hear me out first...

It advocates that both theories cannot be used without each other, sth i never thought of before (i always just thought that the money is in the list, so quantity of subscribers = $$$)

1) Some people mainly focus on building a huge list and promoting blatantly to them. SO they burn a new list pretty quickly, and they have to constantly keep adding more people. This is a waste of time, effort, and money.

2) Others focus highly on the relationship with the list, as they think that's where the money is. More trust = More $$$. That is true, but with only a few hundred people on your list, you can't expect you awesome relationships to work much magic as well.

Okay the above was pretty theoretical and concept-based, so let me break it down into simple, practical steps anyone can use to make money online - most effectively, and of course, in huge numbers!

1) You will need to spend 60% of your time building a list every week. This can be done quickly via solo ads and PPC. Article marketing and others are also possible, but slower.

(if you're in IM, then good for you. Building a list is super easy if you use the JV section of this forum. Combine solo ads with free WSOs, and that's a very deadly combination to build a list! Be warned... Its gonna be huge! )

2) Spend 40% of your time buidling a relationship with the list. (the minute a subscriber signs up, the first 3 emails should be 100% value-added and fcused on gaining their trust. No selling, no promotions whatsoever)

3) After the first 3 followup emails,, start promoting a product to them as they are in the "Optimum" mode to be sold to Their trust in you is at an all time high (if you had genuinely added real value to them in the 3 emails), and they have also recently signed up to your list, so they are still pretty hot/ fesh and susceptible to promotions.

4) DO not promote directly to them in ONE single email. Split up every product promotion into 4 emails.

first one should be content related to your product prommotion, but do NOT talk about the product yet.

2nd one is the same as first one.

3rd one should introduce the product very subtly, let them know you intend to promote it (but dun be too pushy yet). Also create a Q&A to break down all possible objections and doubts they may have about the pdt.

4th email should give all the benefits of the product, offer bonuses, and then hard-sell it!

If you want, you can add in a 5th email to remind them of your bonuses, and create urgency to buy form you. (in the case of an affiliate)

Afterwhich, repeat the whole system again, from the first 3 emails that are purely content related and nothing to do with upcoming product promotons whatsoever.

Hope this helps. have a great day warriors!

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    Great post. However, I'm not a fan of superlatives - best, fastest, cheapest, quickest...

    Every man's way of making money is his best way.QED.
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