Cost for a custom WordPress Theme?

by Jason H 26 replies
I'm just wondering, how much does it cost to get a custom WordPress theme made?

I'm in the middle of wanting to completely redesign my blog, and I want to have an exclusive-custom made theme to sort of separate myself.

I just want a WordPress theme created so that basically all I have to do is upload from the WP admin panel, and then just activate it from there without having to do anything else, like all the other WordPress themes.

Just need some feedback and advice on approaching this.

Anything will be appreciated.
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    Hi Jason

    I have had a few themes custom made a few different ways. I now build my own from other templates.

    I have used elance to hire a theme coder i think this cost me around $150 ish. This was a totally unique design with modular homepage (for a client). I supplied the fully designed psd (photoshop files) and they turned it into a theme with special widget functionality.

    You can hire separate people to design the site and code the Wordpress theme or you could just hire one contractor to do it all. Just check their feedback out before hiring.

    You can also purchase programs that will code your wordpress theme for you from a psd file or even a dreamweaver plugin.

    It all depends what you want and if you have designed it already.

    One thing to watch out for when you order you wordpress theme is what functions will it have built in e.g nested comments, custom menus, twitter, rss etc.

    Most wordpress designers use a stock template of wordpress files and adapt them to your design.

    Hope that helps...
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    I highly recommend segmenting the project to a designer...and then a coder.

    For example, get a graphic designer to build out the PSD template.
    Then outsource the PSD to WP conversion to PSD, Photoshop to html, Wordpress, css, email, templates, slicing @

    Using this method, you'll get a great designer and coder. Finding those 2 qualities in one person is rare...and expensive. And most are hammered with projects.

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    Thanks for the advice. I'm not quite sure about the coding part.

    I just actually want it all done by one person. And I just simply upload the entire folder like any other Wordpress theme from the admin and activate it.

    So I'm can assume it's going to be more than $150, right?
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    Yes. Expect quotes starting at $500 from competent US designers. Overseas designers might competitively offer the service for ~$300.

    Designing a WP Theme from start to finish takes at least 5 hours in the hands of a professional. Then there's revisions. It's a long process.

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  • does excellent wordpress themes for only $97. That might be an option to check out as well.
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    Even if you get a theme created, you are still going to have to tweak the settings after you install it. Every theme has certain settings that need to be configured. You'll still need to do that, unless you outsource that part to the theme creator as well.
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      You have several options.

      There are some "DIY" type themes in the WSO area where you can literally follow some direction and design as you want - removing all external links you want. One I know of was the abundance theme (search the forum to find it )

      Then you can hire someone for 99 bucks in the clasisfieds here on the forum (I'm having one done for that now and will report the results when finished)

      And finally I bought another done from a designer on this forum which I paid under 150? I believe. That was excellent work and very complex.

      So, it depends on how much you want to spend and how much you want to research to find a designer who fits the style you are looking for.

      good luck.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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        So far I've been able to find all the functionality I need in the directory of free wordpress theme in the wordpress extend gallery. I've definitely found some great themes there after a bit of searching.
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    Go look at the Atahualpa them. It is a free WP theme. It has over 250 things you can change from inside wordpress. 2-5 columns, rotating images, colors, fixed size, sliding size, etc., etc.
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    That is not coded by them, it is third party plugin which caused that error. If you update your wordpress, then some times some plugins cause error.

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    Are you going to have the same header for all your projects??? There are going to be some things that you are going to have to change for each site.

    I use the Socrates theme and can build a basic website in about 5 mins. (that's without content). I can make squeeze pages in about 2-3 min.

    If I have everything ready before I start building the site....I can build the whole site in less than 20 mins. (with content added) and each site will be unique. But I usually tweak the site to see what looks he best, so that adds to the time.
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    My advise, as ever, is use Atahualpa. You can produce a "custom theme" with the luxury of being able to change/tweak it via the theme options at any time.

    If you look around my sig, you will find several samples to give you ideas of what you can do with this theme.
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    It can vary between $60 - $150 for a good design and another $100++ for coding. So you may be looking at something at around $300 max.
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    what about PSD to HTML, PSD to CSS, PSD to XHTML Conversion Services @Markupbox ? any feedback from them there options seem great and very specific?

    I'm looking at 150 for psd and 150 for conversion so 300 in total, looking to charge 550 as i will have to consult and spend time tweaking and educating on how to use the admin panel. Fair enough price?

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    I had a friend who got theirs custom. He paid around 1200$ for that. But the theme lacked proper SEO features. So he had to shell out another 200$ to make it SEO optimized. But it looks really cool.
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    I've had themes modified for a few dollars on oDesk. Chances are, the theme you want, is somewhat similar to something which already exists, so instead of re-inventing the wheel, find the closest theme to what you want, and pay someone to modify it.

    - Make money online in 3 hours, $0.00 investment, no experience required. (FREE report) -
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    These guys are my favorite I believe a WP template is about $400
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    I usually do psd to wordpress work that starts from $300.
    you can check my work on as well as on elance with my username being geetpurwar

    Let me know if you have questions.
    Looking forward to work with you.
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    Something around the $100~
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    I've got a blog design I'm happy with, but I want to transfer it to WordPress with minimal changes. Do I only need a coder?
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    It's very easy...
    Just look in google for "mini site design" or "wordpress mini site design" and they will create whatever you want for $77 to $97
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    Man your asking a hard question. I have had one made for under a 100 and one made for close to a thousand.

    I prefer the costlier why cause all the plugins I want will be built in.
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    If you do it yourself, then it can cost very little.
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    Nowadays you can directly hire the WordPress experts or developers who can make your custom WordPress theme with premium benefits at a very nominal cost. You can hire such kind of experts at Designs2html Ltd because they are having great experts, developers who have long years of experience and knowledge of making WordPress themes.

    Peter Gomes is a Senior Web Developer where his role is very effective and perfect to convert various PSD files to responsive markup and CMS conversion.

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