What type of video software for this?

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Does anyone know what type of video software i can use to create videos like this:

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Can you do it with newer versions of Powerpoint?

I'm looking for an easy to use software that will allow me to have the words coming in from different angles like the video in the link.
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    If you are really good (I mean really, really good) you might be able to do that using Powerpoint or Keynote. There is definitely some production going on that wasn't done using that though.

    Your best bet is hire a video guy with great skills and a nice portfolio.
    Show him/her the video.
    Provide him her with the text and audio that you want.
    And let them create it for you.

    Post an ad on craigslist. There are a TON of great video people looking for work.

    Start your own Video Sharing Website at VideoSharingEmpire.com

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    There's a lot of software out there that can handle that job. The big difference is the artist that made that video, not the software.

    This is one of those instances where if you have to ask the question you're better off out-sourcing the job.

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    You can make Text move like that in Final Cut Pro more effectively than in either Powerpoint or Keynote. There's a lite version of Final Cut Pro that's a good starter - it's only around $150.

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    And his is using flowplayer to deliver it.


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    Don't agree that just Powerpoint and Camtasia can produce results like that. There is too much 3D space going on there, especially the zooming in and through text and also camera angles zooming in and orbiting. Definitely produced using After Effects or Final Cut or another variant that used 3D space and cameras.

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    If you have the knowledge about powerpoint and camtasia, you can create the video you want.
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    There's also a free screenshot program called BB Express by Blueberry software that you can use in combination with powerpoint.
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      Check out prezi.com

      I think you'll find it meets your requirements.
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