which is the best traffic system

by henry6
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please i will like to know which traffic system is the best to apply. thanks
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    Originally Posted by henry6 View Post

    please i will like to know which traffic system is the best to apply. thanks
    The best source of traffic is building your own email list. It's the best because you won't have to worry about SEO, google, and other stuff. Just focus on building your email list and you will have a long lasting online business. Make sure you take care of those people opting in. Give them lots of FREE USEFUL information that they can apply to their own business.
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      best system to apply to what exactly?

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        Without any kind of SEO, Facebook is my #1 suggestion.

        Create a separate Facebook account, different than your personal one, and get friends in your niche. This is important, do not spam people and add everyone possible thinking, "The more people I have, the more exposure!". Wrong! People will IGNORE your status's very quickly.
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          Originally Posted by swords View Post

          Create a separate Facebook account, different than your personal one, and get friends in your niche. This is important, do not spam people and add everyone possible thinking, "The more people I have, the more exposure!". Wrong! People will IGNORE your status's very quickly.
          I'd be careful here. Its against facebook's rules to have more than one account. I had 2 accounts and got caught recently. They gave me a warning and asked which account I wanted to keep.
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    it depends.....you never know until you try one..... just consider yourself in the "trial and error" phase..and you'll see.....
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    youtube is by far the best way to create traffic. everyone is on youtube today you just have to make yourself visible. youtube has their own keyword tool too.

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    man, that is one answer no one can give you, what works for me wont work for you..although the first answer is the best...your own e-mail list is where ou want to be. B/c then its your own traffic source.

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      Article writing is proven to be the best. But must be unique i.e the content should not be duplicate content.
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    All the comments have been great if your just starting out do article marketting to create free traffic you can then turn them articles to short videos and post them to drive traffic. Make sure you have an opt-in form to were you are driving the traffic a free offer works great because it takes out the risk so you can start to build a list so you now have leverage in the market.
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    From my experience Twitter is the best way to drive free targeted traffic to any website. I have used twitter accounts to drive tens of thousands of visitors to my sites and the sites I've worked with.

    The reason I've been able to get so much traffic is largely due to Twitter Marketing Software I use called: TweetAdder. I did a video review of TweetAdder here: Review: Twitter Marketing Software Tweet Adder 3 | Twitter Tools, Tips, and Strategies for Twitter Success


    @GarinKilpatrick on Twitter
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    There is no 'best' one because any of them done well can drive tons of traffic. That being said some of them have steeper learning curves. I'd stay away from PPC, at least initially, until you really know what you are doing otherwise you will sink a lot of money into it.

    Building a list is a great way because then all you need to do is email them to send them to a website so it's practically traffic on tap. How do you build that list you ask? Start with article marketing which is fairly easy and also easy to outsource if you hate writing and you will get a steady stream of targeted visitors.
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    All the traffic methods are good, the only
    thing to consider-do you want to be spending time
    doing it?

    I mean, article marketing works, but it's time
    consuming and requires writing skills, so if you're not
    into writing, drop it.

    Next, if you have a budget, go to facebook, ditch google.

    Facebook will give you better pricing as well as
    better demographics.

    List building - is a must. You don't want to keep
    paying for traffic forever, do you?

    There's also blogging, social media, seo,
    ezines, ppv, etc

    But before you judge what's best, it's important
    to determine what are your preferences and
    whether you have the time and the energy
    to work on it.

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    When deciding on a traffic method, first evaluate your budget and how much are you willing to INVEST on traffic and for your business. If you don't have a problem spending $500+ a month, than first test with PPC, if your website converts, than use those converting keywords than start building an SEO campaign around those converting keywords.

    If you want to limit your budget below $500 than use SEO, and generate back links for your website and produce valuable content on your website and off your website for link backs.

    If you are pretty much broke, I would use Social Media, download a free trial of camtasia for 30 days, start producing screen capture videos and use TubeMoguls free account and start submitting your videos using TubeMogul and Youtube.

    Search this thread on video marketing and wallah you would be surprised at how much traffic you can really generate using video alone.

    Good Luck

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    To be honest it is not that there is any one system that works the best. It is better to diversify your traffic methods amongst many sources. So do not just rely fully on articles. Do not just focus fully on PPC. Do not rely fully on social media. Do not just use videos. Spread it out amongst all of your different options and you will generate more traffic over a shorter period of time.
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    The best system is the one you are best at, and that can be a little tricky, because you might not really know what you're good at until you try it.

    On what I've read a lot of people say that the best way to get traffic is PPC, except it's paid traffic, meaning you'll have to spend money on it. So I have to wonder, are you talking about free traffic? Or just traffic overall?

    I'd suggest going for the one system that has the most to do with whatever skill you have, so it doesn't become difficult.
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    The best answer I can give you is - it depends! It depends on so many variables that it'd be impossible to answer your question properly without getting more details from you first.

    It is going to depend on the site/offer you're promoting, the size of your marketing budget, how much time you have to do this on a daily basis, whether you'd want to outsource the traffic generation, whether you prefer to use free or paid traffic (or both), etc. - the list goes on and on!

    Without knowing your specific requirements and scenario, it's impossible to design a valid traffic system for you that'd work well.

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    The best traffic system is the traffic system that brings the most targeted traffic for your niche. For most that will be a combination of SEO, Article Marketing & Building a List...
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    The best traffic source for me, may be not the best source for you. it depends on your niche. If you are just looking for random traffic there are traffic exchanges out there. But that wont be targeted and there is no guarantee that they will even pay attention to what you have. Make a blog, join blogging networks and build up reputation.

    Relationship with other people online can help you get traffic. Anyway if you are looking for the classic, offer something free in your site and build your own email list.

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    There's no best traffic system for all. I would encourage you to use what you know and figure out what works best for yo, and then focus on that system.
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    Content, video, and audio ... target all 3 sources !
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    I agree...build your list.......and market to your list easiest way to make affilliate commissions......
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