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Hey everyone,

I'm looking to sell a piece of software. I'd like to do so from a blog layout. Any recommendations on the best Wordpress theme that I could do this from?

Thanks in advance.
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    I'm currently testing this theme out:

    WordPress › intrepidity « Free WordPress Themes

    Seems to be working fine so far for me, will let you know of the results when I collect more data.
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    Has to be Thesis for a clean look, customization and fantastic SEO capabilities.

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    Thesis or FlexSqueeze are both great choices.

    Thesis will require more know-how, or you will need to hire someone to do customization. It is really goo for customization, but not easy to use for novices.

    FlexSqueeze is way easier, and if you don't need massive flexibility like Thesis gives you, it should suit your purposes just fine. It has tons of built-in graphics and salesletter style features.

    Here's a simple demo page I made. There are many templates available for sales pages, and this demo is based on one of them. Just keep in mind this theme does cost $127.

    Thesis also costs about the same, as I remember. I own both.
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    I'd also recommend Thesis, as it's easy to customize the column widths and overall layout (from within the Thesis control panel) so that it fits your needs. Unless you enjoy spending lots of time playing with css and html, Thesis lets you easily change many elements right from within its control panel.

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    I am a huge fan of Flexsqueeze as well. It does just about anything and everything I need from a theme. Like Chris mentioned above you can modify it to look like a sales page, blog, static site, etc.
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    Thesis has always been a favourite of mine thanks to it's clean layout and great SEO capabilities.
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    Headway is the best blog theme available in my opinion. I use it on on almost all my sites. The sites I don't us it on are my sales page sites. For that I use Instant Wordpress Sales Page. ;-)
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      Thanks for all the suggestions. It looks like I might have to go with Thesis. Hard to beat the clean layout.
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    I like using WooThemes, they are very good and provide excellent support.
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