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If you have an online store that sells physical products or if you promote physical products, I have a question:

Do you use a geo-targeting strategy to sell physical products? I'm talking about selling products online targeting local areas... (For example, promoting a specific brand name and type of vacuum cleaner in Atlanta, GA)
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    I don't. But the products I sell have a cross-geographical appeal.

    My stats indicate that my buyers from either coast tend to buy the higher-priced "premium" stuff, while the middle of the country goes for the more moderately-priced offerings. Atlanta and (before Katrina) New Orleans seemed to be the occasional exceptions to this.

    I haven't noticed a specific preference for a specific manufacturer or brand related to a particular city.

    If that helps...

    P.S. I'm not talking about my writing services. I have a few other online ventures that don't have anything to do with writing.
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