Countdown timer that expires with a hyperlink

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I don't have a lot of knowledge with javascripting or using jquery stuff but there's a simple code I'd like to use on one of my pages.

At the bottom of the page i'd like there to be a 60 second timer that counts down to zero and when it expires I want the timer to change to a hyperlink that you can click that will take you to another page on the website.

How can i achieve this?

I found some examples in the forum and else where but when the countdown timer hits zero it redirects to another page automatically whereas I'd like to the user to click the link to continue on to the next page when they are ready. But I'm not sure how to change the code these sites below give you.

The JavaScript Source: Time & Date : Countdown Timer 2
The JavaScript Source: Time & Date : Countdown Timer
jQuery Countdown

I really appreciate the help.
#countdown #expires #hyperlink #timer

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