Is MySpace mentioned by USA media anymore?

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I live in Canada. When watching television, listening to the radio, or visiting a Canadian based website, I will often notice the phrase "follow us on Facebook and Twitter" or something along these lines. The logos for these companies appear on many media outlets.

It seems like I used to hear MySpace mentioned more. I am thinking the popularity is fading. Is this the case in the USA, and within other countries, as well?

From a business point of view, most customers of my company do not want to have customized MySpace page. They will choose Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, but rarely MySpace. We set up these pages as part of online branding process when we design products for the customers, such as blogs, website, software products, motion graphics videos, and so on.

I have been told that MySpace is used more by children and teenagers. Perhaps I do not notice MySpace being mentioned because I am adult and I am not in their target audience.

Your feedback/insight is appreciated. Thank you.
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    Hi Laura.

    When it comes to a popularity contest of social networking most people are now flocking to Facebook and Twitter the most. Why:

    1. Easy to use interface
    2. Real time updates
    3. Apps. apps. apps. (Applications. Those little addictive games and more!)

    Facebook does not need layouts compared to MySpace to be noticed. Twitter does use backgrounds, but just a simple one is enough.
    And I understand that this is happening all over. I'm in the 18-25 age bracket and I can tell you even my 4 year old nephew has a Facebook Account.
    But this is just me.

    -Anything less than best is a felony-

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    Myspace seems to be having some difficulties. I saw something the
    other day but can't remember where. So here's a quick Google
    search. All you have to do is read the headlines in the serps.

    Losing money, losing market share, losing the battle with Facebook.

    myspace losing money - Google Search

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    Myspace is dead. The folks running it had no knowledge
    of what they were doing. They were trying to run
    Myspace like any other lame media company.

    "The Zuck" might be an ass but at least he has a
    deep understanding of the Internet, social networks
    and how Facebook will play a role in the future of it.

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    Yeah Myspace is dead - move along, nothing to see here

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    Myspace is old news. They did not adapt as quickly and as efficiently as Facebook and Twitter and thus got left in the dust. If you look at GoogleTrends and track it amongst the other social networks it is quite interesting to see how the others have grown exponentially while Myspace has flatlined.
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    I can add another reason as to why the popularity of Myspace is fading. Facebook, Twitter and Co. are growing as people's needs to socialize online are getting bigger by day. Myspace is more like a launching platform for bands and artists. It is a lot more difficult to find people with common interests and hobbies on Myspace then it is when using popular social networking sites. And just like in fashion, there are trends within this social networking business as well. What's fresh and new ( and better from many points of view) will most likely overcome something that is dated and that people know already. Myspace isn't the only social site having this kind of problems, there are others like it, let's say hi5. It's the battle between the old and the unexplored territory. So, it's not so surprising that the masses migrate to new sites. Oh and not to mention that the popularity of some sites is also increased by a lot of TV commercials, billboard mobile phone commercials and so on.
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