Warriors, How Often Should I Send Out Articles Via An Article Submitter

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Hey Warriors,

Checking with you all to see your thoughts on something...

If I create a article which is in fully "spun" format (making each article a unique article) and I am looking to send it out to a ton of directories using magic article submitter, is there a limit to the number of fully spun articles that I can send out during a time period.

Is there a limit to how many unique articles I should be sending out to directories over the course of a day or a week? I realize that google will pick up on these articles at different times, while they are scanning through the directories, but how much is too much?


PS. Any thoughts on how spun (percentage wise) an article should be to make it very unique, I use magic article re-writer as well, and it has a percentage unique at the bottom. I have heard that it should be at least 70% but that seems a bit low to me... I often try to get my articles over the 100% unique mark, but is this a waste of time?
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