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by KonaGirl 2 replies
I have never posted a WSO and was planning to but the new rules are a little confusing, possibly because I don't know the old rules.

Can some one please enlighten me? These are the new rules:

We have a new way of posting WSO's now...

1. You click on New Thread
2. Choose how many posts you want to make - maximum of 3
3. You pay through PayPal
4. You get sent back to the forum after paying and can submit your wso and it goes live instantly.
#1. You click a new thread as I just did to post this thread and I'm given the option as to where the thread will go - WSO

#2. Choose how many posts - What is this for? Will you be given that option as soon as you click onto the thread for the WSO? Do you immediately put in your special offer at this point or is that done when you are returned after payment?

#3. Is there a link on the post that takes you to PayPal to pay?

#4. Are you writing your special offer at this point or are you submitting what you have already added in #2?

Thanks in advance for the explanation.
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