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I decided to write a quick cash guide for the broke newbies, since I was once there and no one wanted to help me.

Since I learned so much on this forum, I am going to offer this right here, not behind an optin, as a way to give back to the community. I hoe it helps someone out there.


Online work

You can definitely make some quick cash by offering simple services and writing articles. If you can write original articles or rewrite ezine articles to be unique, you should be able to make some money.

Article writing

Go on Suite101.com: Online Magazine and Writers' Network sign up there and post unique articles in there. Make sure to read their TOS so you don't violate it and get your articles rejected or your account banned.

Browse the articles in your niche(s), see which ones are sold multiple times. You don't want to price them too high in the beginning, just stick to the recommended rates.

This is not going to be instant cash, it may take a few days, weeks or months before you sell articles. The more high quality articles you submit, the better, with more articles you get more visibility and increase your chances to sell.

Get paid for answers

Go to IdeaOffer - Where Ideas Equal Money and register an account for free or sign in via facebook, then browse the open projects and start posting 'ideas'. This is a site much like Yahoo answers, only you get paid for your answers. Clients choose whatever they are willing to pay, if they pick multiple ideas as winners, the payout is equally divided.

Clients pay anything from a few cents to a few thousand dollars depending on how complex the question is.

Here are a few transactions of mine from last year:

I just played around with it for some fun, you can definitely make money here instead of wasting time on instant messengers and forums. You can set a minimum for payout, and depending on your performance you get the money sent via paypal rather quick.

It's not huge but it adds up to decent number in just a few weeks.
The above snippet is the cash I made in just a couple of hours playing around on this site.

Provide services on Zeerk.com and fiverr.com

Fiverr and zeerk are great sources for providing service to marketers. Article writing services are in demand, as well as Wordpress designs, fan page invites, article submissions etc. Watch what services are popular on IM forums then provide watered down versions on fiverr and zeerk. You can hook clients up with small, simple projects and then get their contact infos and upsell them higher ticket stuff. Get them to sign up on your autoresponder for specials and upcoming deals if you have autoresponder (you can sign up on Aweber for only $1 for the first month!)

I provide services there myself and upsell more complex services to the clients. Sometimes people don't even order anything but ask questions, and then I tell them to email me for special deal and upsell them the stuff I would not list on there for such low prices.

Make sure to overdeliver, if you make them happy they are much more likely to buy the stuff you upsell!

Offline stuff

Go to yard sales (craigslist and backpage are great for finding yard sales and giveaways!) you can find some true gems in yard sales. I bought $1000 worth of collectible action figures at such a yard sale for pennies on the dollar, one of the things I bought for $5 was going for $120 on ebay. I checked the action figures on ebay from my cell phone right there then bought the ones that were selling for pretty penny on ebay.

If you live in the US, call up the storage places around, and inquire about auctions. Storage facilities auction stuff when people don't pay their bill. You buy the entire lot at the auction and ebay/craigslist anything valuable. A lot of times you can find vintage game consoles, retro gaming systems (collectors pay pretty penny for those), comic book collections, cheap electronics and books. Sell them off for quick and easy cash!

I really hope this will help some struggling newbies out there!
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