RED FLAGS on product promotions & emails

by Joe118
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I've had enough... I'm going to out all the BS stuff I'm seeing on product launches and promotion emails these days that gets me mad Feel free to add your own.
  1. Blind copy. This has to be the number 1 reason why I escape from sales pages as soon as I see it. If you can't tell me straight what it is that I'm supposed to be getting, ... fuggedit
  2. No, I won't change my opinion. Enough already with the exit pop ups! One was OK, but 3, 4, sometimes even 7? And then the last one takes you to the clickbank page where you can, oh yeah halleluyah, buy the product? LOL
  3. Fake or inflated income statements. If you lie about that, why should I trust your claims about the product?
  4. "My good friend Joe..." -- did you grow up together from Kindergarten? Does the fact that he's paying you fat affiliate commissions have anything to do with your sudden love for Joe? Do you know what the word "friend" means, even? Another one: "I had to twist his arm to get this deal" yeah right, you really had to, eh?
  5. Emails subjects with "RE: our discussion about ..." -- quit this, you're not fooling me, I don't know you and who you are, definitely didn't have a conversation with you. Lies lies lies.
  6. Emails consisting of teasers that are only designed to get me to the affiliate site to get your affiliate cookie onto my browser. Sorry, I won't click that link.
  7. Bashing the "gurus" and all the "us versus them" crap. There is no inside cabal or circle, everyone is just trying to make a buck. Oh and aren't you using the same tactics you were bashing just a second ago?
  8. "Google will remove this" and "They will force me to take this down" -- more them vs us crap. Cut it out. Google cannot remove anything from the internet and noone can force you to take down what you wrote unless it is illegal
  9. "No work required, just push this button" -- yeah I have a bridge to sell you, too.
  10. "Only 37 copies left", "you only have 31 minutes to decide" and "this is the only time you will ever see this offer" -- cut the crap, you'll sell this till the cows come home,
Sorry, just had to get this off my chest
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    We know its mostly rubbish but it works on newbies and that's all she wrote.

    ONE DAY IM will be regulated and you had better have a good product or two by then.
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      Originally Posted by Defunct View Post

      We know its mostly rubbish but it works on newbies and that's all she wrote.

      ONE DAY IM will be regulated and you had better have a good product or two by then.
      It already is regulated, and stricter in some ways than even television ads and infomercials.

      Anyway, I think it just comes down to common sense and not buying something on a whim. But then again, in sales, we are taught that financial logic is just a small part, and that people buy on EMOTION and because they want something, not because they need it. It's the feeling that they need it.

      I don't think all of these are red flags, either, just Joe's personal annoyances or opinions. Although, I think a lot of us share your views. Blind copy just annoys me, but it doesn't always mean the product sucks. Bought a few great products from guys who always use blind sales copy. Their blind copy may annoy me but the product info doesn't.

      I hate tons of popups, too, doesn't just about everybody? It's tacky, especially if done multiple times.

      Also, some scarcity is true. I see some marketers use scarcity, and they keep their word, and see this on Warrior Forum quite a bit. It's the false scarcity that's stupid. So, sometimes it is crap, but not always. Scarcity and urgency are time proven sales tactics, but you have to use them ethically.

      Anyway, a good list overall. People just need to be smart but the problem is if it's great sales copy and albeit a crap product people will buy because the sales copy is hitting those emotional buttons.
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    Nice List,

    i would like to add 11) to the list =)

    11) Using words like underground, loophole, secret.

    Seriously, if it's a real loophole, it's about to get fixed, if it's underground or secret, everyone now knows about it....

    and 1a) telling me what the product isn't instead of what it is.. it's another type of blind copy which is alot worse imo..
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    The product launches that have gone on lately a lot of them have lost money. my guess is that people are getting fed up just like you say here.
    Exit pops etc just make me want to run away that much faster.

    Canned emails-how original.
    Telling me I can push a button on a new traffic getting machine and crank in 34,bazillion dollars is just silly.

    But you know the sad thing Joe?
    It works people make sales.
    not the way I would want to or try to but it does work and as long as it works people are going to continue on so no matter what we say we aren't going to change the folks doing it.
    Best for us to practice integrity in our business and leave the rest to the hyper's

    "As a man thinks in his heart so is he-Proverbs 23:7"

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    Well said... I spent last month unsubcribing from practically everyones list apart from 2 people :-)

    I've just had enough of this over hyped lauches and especially blind copy..

    I can't understand why they hype things so much, I believe in being completely transparent with my customers as I believe this leads to a long term relationship and that is more important to me than having a bumper payday...
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      Here is what you seem to be missing - the tactics work.

      I'm not going to get into whether it is right or wrong to use them, because for each business it will be different.

      But it sounds to me like you've been working behind the scenes of the movie too long, and now when you watch the movie if it is a bad one you start to dissect it and can see where the lighting is bad or there are continuity issues.

      This happened to me after working on films a bit. I would go to the movies and because I knew how things were done the magic just left - unless it was a really good movie. It had to be something so mystical or magnificent that I could be drawn into the story again.

      When I hit this same type of feeling with IM, I was again kinda hurt and upset that maybe I knew more than I should and perhaps people were doing scrupulous things.

      These things are done because they are legal, and they work. While I might know how to make someone disappear before your eyes on film, you may still not have a clue how it is done, and if that is something that will get your attention, then I might have to use it.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    I hope this thread doesn't get deleted. This has been my contribution to newbies for a long time:

    INTELLIGENCE & BETRAYAL | Money Nuggets (nothing for sale - just the facts)

    Someone needed to say it.
    Stark Expressions
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      Originally Posted by Vinnie View Post

      I hope this thread doesn't get deleted. This has been my contribution to newbies for a long time:

      INTELLIGENCE & BETRAYAL | Money Nuggets (nothing for sale - just the facts)

      Someone needed to say it.
      Love your web site. Just found it today and read all of the posts.

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        Originally Posted by Bryan Toder View Post

        Love your web site. Just found it today and read all of the posts.

        Thanks, Bryan.

        I've been around the marketing block and although I love slick marketing strategies and even a little sexy marketing hype, I'm completely against under-handed tactics and plain ol' lies.

        You'd be completely amazed to know who use some of the underground tactics that my site talks about. =)

        Yep, it's really sad -- but you've gotta take responsibility for doing your own due diligence before reaching for your credit card.
        Stark Expressions
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    Great Post!

    Couldn't of said it better myself.

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      As was implied earlier, much of this is simply classic marketing.

      If you're feeling inundated, why not A. send promo emails to a separate folder or email account, or B. spend more time creating marketing for OTHER people to read .

      I think it's important to read these pitches with your "observant marketer" hat on, not your "prospective customer" one.

      My $.02.

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    The sad thing is, a lot of these marketing tactics are used because they work. They invoke emotion into the reader and cause them to act on impulse.

    I do agree with the exit pop-up stuff. I recently saw one sales page that had 6 exit pop-ups. 6! That was enough to make me never to return.

    I think this type of marketing will always be there, because it works. Look at other markets besides IM (such as the health/weight loss niche). Other markets use these similar tactics and always will.

    Another thing though - A lot of people these days tend to expect a LOT more for a LOT less, due to these wild claims and overhyped promotions. I've had people ask for refunds of some of my products because they claimed they required too much "work". If you're expecting to make thousands of dollars by doing nothing more than writing an article or two per month, you've still got a lot to learn about making money online.
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      Of course these tactics work, that's the point. This thread exists to warn people not to fall for these tactics

      A lot of newbies come through here each day -- we need to help them keep their wallets intact so that they will stay in IM and not be scared away by the highway robbery that's rampant. After all, IM does work and is very profitable. What these highway robbers and scoundrels are doing is making it difficult for the newbies to succeed.

      Imagine you're visiting a new country and the first thing that happens to you is you get mugged, your identity stolen, and you're dumped in the homeless encampment in the seedy part of town.

      What would be your first impression of this place? Would you want to stay?
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        I'll add my all-time fav to the list:

        2 or 3 paragraphs of doom, gloom, tales of woe and misfortune followed by...

        ...then, I CRACKED THE CODE!

        If I see that one more time I may have to puke.

        A close 2nd would be the "Watch over my shoulder as I show you how to..."

        Inviting a total stranger to breath down the back of your neck? Kinda creepy.
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    Although I agree on not using lies to sell, I think this thread is ludicrous personally. It's marketing, embellishment, creating need and desire, twisting the facts have been used for hundredds of years, and everyone eomploys those tactics to a greater or lesser degree, even if they will not admit it.

    Looking at some of the signature wordings in this thread and the copy on the pages they go to, there is some serious hypocrisy being spouted.
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      Great list.

      Something else that drives me crazy...where's the price! How far down a stupidly long sales page do I have to go to find the price, or worse add to cart with no idea what the price is! (rant over)

      And the exit pop-up is awful, and even if I was planning to buy I would exit to get a better deal. So maybe, they are getting counter productive.
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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Oksa
    As far as "my good friend" goes...

    I almost sent out an email to one of my lists today that would have included that line. How I choose to define 'friend' may not be the same as you, but if I had to "grow up with them", then I don't really have any friends that I can think of.

    Anyway, the email was going to be a promotion for somebody I DO consider a firend, somebody I chat with on a near daily basis, somebody that if they were to visit my hometown I would invite them to stay while they were in town (and I believe it would be a vice-versa situation), somebody I trust, somebody I was going to do a favor for without ANY expectation of getting anything in return.



    I feel I have several of them online, and it's not something I choose lightly.

    So, thank you for sharing your strict definition of friend, and I'm sorry I can never fit into it.

    All the best,

    p.s. Did I mention excessive bolding is another "tactic" to watch out for?

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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  • Profile picture of the author AMangones
    Good points... some of them are outright LIES...
    but there is a fine line between what works and what's ethical..

    I am in the process of writing a long sales letter in the past couple of days, and I had to give this some thought since it's my own product, and I want to stand behind it.

    I appreciate this post.. thanks
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    • Profile picture of the author rusty1027
      I want to see one sales letter start out with "I had a decent job making average money, but I wanted more" or "I was bored with my 9-5 job".

      Why is it that EVERY one of these guys was broke with 5 dollars left to their name, homeless, bankrupt... they all just had their cars repossessed. How does a person who let themselves get into that position suddenly have the vision to turn that last $10 into a multi-million dollar empire? I know it's all just part of the game, but after a while it gets insulting.
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  • Profile picture of the author David Allen
    It's the rinse & repeat marketing that has been used for years in all forms of direct marketing. It's not aimed at wiley old marketers but desperate people searching for solutions. Formulaic salesmanship.

    I agree, after years of being bombarded with these they do tend to go over your head, with a loud tut - but I bet you (and everyone else on this thread) has "fallen" for it at least once - I know I have.

    Agree with deertrail earlier, you must observe as a marketer, not a frustrated buyer.
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    • Profile picture of the author wanna-succeed
      great post, very amusing too.
      regarding what you said about google removing things from the internet....that's true, but then again they are the biggest search engine by far. If they take you off their searches, you're in a serious jam

      No sig, good day m8...

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