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Hello everyone,

As the title says, I'm new to internet marketing and this amazing forum. For the last couple of days, I've been sitting on my computer reading thread after thread and I feel it's starting to help me slowly. Nevertheless, I still have some questions that are still bothering me.

Not too long ago, I finally got the will to actually create a blog about this beat making software. From what I have read, affiliate marketers use PPC(pay per click) to get traffic to their site. I did my research of keywords and signed with google adwords hoping I will get a few sales. A few days ago, google sends me a message saying 'Your AdWords account: Site(s) violation' and doesn't specify anything. I sent them a message to tell me exactly what I'm violating and they never answered. My site is: dubturboprobeats(.)com (I cannot post links cuz I'm new, still working on those 15 posts)
If any of you can take a look and tell me the reason why google might've sent me this email, It would be greatly appreciated.

A second thing is that I'm working on a new project to sell facebook likes and twitter. Now I've been looking for a supplier but I have no idea how to get one or what exactly I have to do. I would for you guys to tell me what you think about this idea keeping in mind I'm still a beginner at this.

Thank you very much. If anyone would like to give me some quick private lessons to finally make a bit of money, It would be most appreciated.

Thank you all
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    I'm not an expert on Adsense, so I can't help you there, except to tell you that:

    1. If they say you have a violation, take the Adsense code off your site right now so you do not have a continuing violation. You don't want to lose your account. I understand it's almost impossible to get your account back if you lose it.

    2. Reread, in-depth, ALL the Adsense rules and regs so that you understand them and how they apply to your site. Maybe you need a different ad company if Adsense will not work out with what you are doing.

    Hopefully someone well versed in Adsense will look at your site and give you some pointers. I'm not that far along at the present time and wouldn't want to tell you the wrong thing.

    Edit: Apologies, I meant Adwords. I just wanted to let you know that Google is ban happy far too often, and it pays to be very careful.
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    well if you are sending ppc traffic to (dubturboprobeats(.)com) then yes you are in volition of the terms. The page looks like a long letter sales form and not a blog.


    Add more content to the site.

    Secondly, why would someone want to purchase facebook likes, that is like inflating views. End results would be a waste of time.
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      Originally Posted by Nickolie0990 View Post

      That's not true... I have done a couple Mil in sales through PPC this year to long form sales letters.

      The reason they are shutting you down is that you have a thin affiliate site there - its basically a bridge page to an affiliate offer. They are shutting down all that type stuff. It has nothing to do with the length of the sales copy on your page. It is because when I clicked the links on your page, they took me straight to an affiliate offer. Thats it.
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    Hi Max,

    Congrats on taking your first steps into affiliate and Internet marketing. I don't want to discourage you, but I want to give one piece of advice:

    If you are totally new, then I would suggest getting traffic to your site or sites from some where other than Google Adwords at first. I say this because Google is pretty good at dishing out permanent bans to people who have committed even the seemingly smallest infractions and indiscretions.

    On top of that, it is quite a clunky/complex way to get traffic to beginners. I think in the long-run you will definitely want an Adwords account, and I think it is something you could think about coming back to? Besides, it can be VERY expensive if you don't know what you are doing.

    As I mentioned, there are other ways to get traffic, that are cheaper, easier/less risky. I'll name a few traffic methods I know some affiliates are using to get traffic to their websites and landing pages:

    PPC ( on other ad networks such as Bing or Facebook - Keep in mind, this can still be tough for beginners)
    Email Marketing
    Media Buying
    Article Marketing

    Hope thats helpful, and best of luck to you moving forward.


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    Google are obsessed with banning people for the tiniest thing. I would learn how to build a blog, drive free traffic to it using free techniques then learn PPC once you know the ropes.
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    You don't need ppc for that blog if you do proper SEO mate.
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    I don't usually recommend getting traffic through Google Adwords for beginners in marketing. Try other traffic methods first before jumping into Adwords. Adwords is good but you need to understand Google rules first. Try article marketing first and learn more about SEO. Facebook marketing is also really good.

    "King of Fast Video Keyword Research"... Get Easy to rank, Zero competition keywords today. Rank your video on Youtube first page in minutes! Visit:

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    Good adwords is for intermediate Marketers. You could easily mess up with adwords if your a newbie. I think start with the basics : Learn SEO, article marketing, website designing etc..etc..

    Best of Luck.

    Hardik Jogi
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