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Do you constantly buy WSO after WSO, only to discover
that after reading many of them that you intuitively
already knew what they teach.

Actually, that's a good thing because you have just
confirmed a bit of knowledge that you already had.

Next, you need to ask yourself WHY aren't you applying
it. Often the answer is that you are looking for
something easier. Sometimes you are applying the
tactic but missing a very tiny subtlety.

Others times, you are looking for something "new" and
"little-known." If that's you, I have news for you...
many of the things being taught online today were being
taught by direct mail 30-40 years ago. I've purchased
numerous sets of cassette tape seminar recordings from
the 70's and 80's and they WERE teaching many of the
same things... such as product funnel, thud factor,
value proposition, USP, and risk reversal.

The biggest difference that I've noticed between the
successful and the dreamers is that the successful simply
get started, and realizes that work often IS required.

RISK is also often involved. Most of the big successes
that I know, even billionaires, had tons of failures.
They are now known for their successes, but the failures
are there... don't fear them.

The next time that you find yourself saying "I already
knew that, ask yourself why you're not applying it then.

I have personally coached some very intelligent people,
who knew the topic better than I did, or had often
learned from the same teachers that I had... yet I had
applied it, and for some strange reason, they had not.

Knowing is not doing - cross that chasm!

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    Amen! All the knowledge in the world is useless if it isn't given legs.
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    As it was said long ago by another wise man, "There is nothing new under the sun."
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA, PlattPublishing.com
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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    This is great advice...and it's also the reason that so many of today's great copywriting tips can be found in books that were written almost 100 years ago...

    We're still communicating with humans...and human nature just hasn't changed that much.

    Methods change...but human nature remains.
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      I believe that might be a problem for many, but I also believe there are a few of us that are just the other way around.

      When I started out I knew nothing. I did tons of mistake and lost a lot of money because I was a little bit to greedy to buy courses. I spent my money on advertising when I didn´t knew the market, instead of going to a proper accounting course. That meant I lost all the advertising money AND got fu**ed by the tax office.

      Now, a few years later, my instinct to allways take action is starting to really pay off but in the beginning I regret that I didn´t once took a step back to figure out what I need to know before I start a business.

      You need to find a balance I suppose but if you have to choose one side it would be the "take action now" side. Eventually it will pay off but damn its not easy and you will make a lot more mistakes

      Looking to connect with people

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    Originally Posted by Willie Crawford View Post

    The biggest difference that I've noticed between the
    successful and the dreamers is that the successful simply
    get started

    I totally agree with the above, for the first five to six month of my online venture, i was all over the place and buying wso etc and implementation wso etc was not there.

    But in the last three month or so, I picked up one model(adsense) and got started with it. And now i can see the result of it, as google has already deposited twice in my bank account.

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