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I have a verified business account with Paypal. It pretty much sits dormant. It's in good standing an all that.

Do you think that's enough to qualify for "Website Payments Standard" to run a shopping cart?

They also have the "Website Payments Pro" version. But that has a $30 monthly fee, and requires (it appears) some custom coding to get it set up.

I'm already applying for a merchant account with a traditional company. But it's always good to build redundancies into any system. So I was thinking about having a simple Paypal "Website Payments Standard" as a ready-to-go backup payment system.

Any info/thoughts on this? This would be for selling multiple products, not just one. I would be looking to wire it up with e-junkie as the shopping cart.
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    Website payments standard is pretty much setup and go and works well with many shopping carts. If you are going for a merchant acc then I wouldn't waste time with website payments pro. You also need to think about PCI DSS if you go with payments pro, unless that's changed lately, it's not worth the hassle for a second rate merchant that battles with 'your' customer to sign up with them instead of returning them to your cart after a purchase. The only advantage with Paypal is you get the merchant and the gateway all in one.

    It really all depends on what you want from it. To be honest, this isn't the best place to ask these questions, you'll get a better response (and probably more accurate answers) by checking out some of the popular shopping cart forums. If it isn't too late you should try some demo carts and research those popular cart forums. There is a lot of compatibilty problems between merchants, gateways and carts.
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      thanks for your reply.

      Do you mean that Paypal will try to sign them up for Paypal with a sign-up screen when they try to checkout?

      Sort of like "hey, we know you want to pay for your order. but before you do that, have you considered the great benefits of being a Paypal member? By joining Paypal, you will..."
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