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I am new to this forum, I really hope that I can contribute some of experience to the benefit of the other members.
I am looking forward to speaking to you!
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    Originally Posted by johnsimms88 View Post

    I really hope that I can contribute some of experience to the benefit of the other members.
    Welcome John, I hope you enjoy it here.

    Take a good look round, there's lots of information. Figure out who's worth listening and make sure, when you can, to join the War Room.

    Well done for realising contributing to the forum is one of the keys to success here.

    Best of luck sir.

    Wibble, bark, my old man's a mushroom etc...

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    Nice name

    Where are you from John? What experience do you have so far with internet marketing?

    John L.
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    Welcome John,

    It's good to see your first post about contributing something. We are eager to know about your experience and hoping to learn something new from you.
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    Welcome on board and don't be frightened to learn by asking questions. Plus don't get beaten up when things go slightly awry either. One of the best ways to really learn about something is to make the odd mistake.......now and then.

    Once again welcome on board.

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    welcome john!
    i have found the warrior community to be exceptionally helpful. don't be afraid to ask a question. i've had warriors just recently actually help me out with nagging problems and asking for no money in return. we are all eager to help and contribute here for the most part. make sure to check out the war room
    god bless
    matt jersan

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    Hey John

    Welcome to the forum, I am kinda new myself but the help
    and tips you receive in here are so helpful!

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    Hey John - welcome from another newbie.

    Initially I found it a bit intimidating but I have found the people here incredibly supportive and helpful. Also if you are like me and do not have an area of expertise you feel like you take more than you get. But I suppose that the giving will come in time.
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    Welcome!! I'm fairly new here myself but so far this has been a great source of information and the people are great

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