How To Protect Your WP Blogs From Hackers [VITAL]

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I have had the unpleasant experience of having several of my wordpress blogs hacked in the past, and for that reason had to get a bit smarter about security. After all, if you're making money with your blogs, you want to protect your livelyhood right?

In my case, the hacker inserted his own advertising, and redirect system in order to profit from my traffic.

Nasty right?

Some of you may be using this, but I can bet you that many are not.

Here I am just going to share with you the quickest and easiest way to make your WP blog(s) more secure from hacking. I just use this one method/tool, although you can take precautions such as changing your wordpress blogs prefix (instead of wp-admin, you might have davessite-admin, etc)

We are going to be installing and activating a little known security plugin called WP Guard. Download it from here:

Taragana | Angsuman's WordPress Guard Plugin

(download from halfway down the page)

What this basically does, is adds an extra layer of protection above your wordpress site structure. So that a would be hacker, will find it difficult, if even only just too annoying to bother hacking your site, and move onto something that's easier prey.

Basically, when installed and activated on your blog, when someone tries to access any of your admin pages, ie - wp-login or wp-admin, they will be greeted by this:

Although some hackers may be able to bypass this with a bit of work, the point is, you are far better protected than 99.9% of the other wordpress blogs that the hacker has to choose from, and so it's quite likely in the case that a hacker did have a random go at your infiltrating your site, they would move on, as you have an "annoying" extra layer of protection.

So, let me quickly show you how to install and activate this baby

Step one, go to plugins >> add new >> upload, within your wordpress dashboard, and browse and select the that you should have already downloaded. Then upload it.

Then go here:

Then, it's simply a matter of choosing your username and password, and pressing "Update" once you have done that the first time, it will be activated, and will always be protecting your blog

For more ways of securing your blog, check out this handy little article :

Top 5 WordPress Security Tips You Most Likely Don’t Follow

Hope you found this little tip valuable, and remember, if it helped Please Say Thanks

Happy marketing

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