Ordered articles from service but some don't pass copyscape

by jlady
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I ordered some articles from a service that advertisers on this forum. I checked them in copyscape and found 3 out of 5 articles that have 1-3 similar results in copyscape each. Copyscape found some similar sentences in other articles not the whole article copied.

Is this worth "complaining" about or just figure it is only a few and so what no one is perfect??

I will say the keywords are hard to write about if that makes a difference.
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    if you paid for unique content , you deserve unique content. I would say something , just my 2 cents

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      Originally Posted by webhostingmasters.com View Post

      if you paid for unique content , you deserve unique content. I would say something , just my 2 cents

      200% agreed! If I order and pay for unique articles and get articles that do not pass copyscape I would be complaining VERY loudly. I would either want a refund or I would want a new batch of articles which pass the copyscape test for UNIQUENESS. Not complaining would not be an option for me at all.
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    Hell yes it's worth complaining about, if you paid for unique articles then you should get unique articles.

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      Definitely ask that they be redone and pass copyscape or get a refund.
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    if you paid for unique content , you deserve unique content.

    and never do business with that person again

    I'm all about that bass.

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    :/ You should at least mention on their thread that the content they provide is not original. I recently hired a writer for "original" content through these forums and after receiving 10 articles 3 days late... I had the pleasure of discovering they were all spun from the first "review" article. (I paid for in full for the review article because this writer was had been taken for a ride by many others!)

    The guy had ignored all my instructions and all the topics and gave me the ame article over and over. I had a bit of a fit and he said that if I wanted my money back I would not give him a bad review on the thread. :/

    I agreed... I have the money in my account but I really wish I had warned others of the scam, that this service is.

    You should tell people. This needs to stop.

    *end venting*

    Old age means realizing you will never own all the dogs you wanted to.

    Healthy Aging
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    You should definitely say something. Request new articles...and then never use them again would be my advice. It's just such a waste of time persisting with people who prove from the get-go that they aren't interested in impressing you entirely.
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      I would definitely say something, and request new articles OR your money back. Writers should know that things need to pass copyscape before submitting their completed job to the client. This seems to be an often over-looked point.

      Needless to say after that, I wouldn't use that writer again once things were resolved...if you're lucky enough to get things resolved.

      Finding quality content creators seems to be a thing IM'ers struggle with on a daily basis. Do these writers, just not care? I guess I'm probably in the wrong topic for this discussion.

      Good luck getting things resolved.
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        Yes do say something , but be aware sometimes there are just certain phrases that do show up on copyscape as they are common in a niche.

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