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by Bill_Z
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Anyone know of a good plugin that posts to my fanpage automatically when a post is made on my Wordpress site? Preferably one that works when I schedule posts, as well as publish them right away. I've been using Status Updater but it's giving me problems and I'm tired of playing with it. Anyone know of one that works well? Thanks

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    I just use Hootsuite. You can set it to send out 1 blog RSS feed to 2 social media services for free. I set mine to send out my new blog posts to my personal facebook wall and also my fan page once a day. If you want to set it to post on more than 2 or want to add more than 1 blog RSS then you need to upgrade to the 5.99 month version.
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    Check out a facebook application called RSS Graffiti.
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    Networkedblogs does a pretty good job

    NetworkedBlogs | Facebook
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    I've been using a FB app - WP plugin combo called WordBooker that I have grown to pretty much love.

    Wordbooker | Facebook

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    A second vote for RSS Graffitti. It's not a Wordpress plugin though, it's a Facebook application.

    I like it the best out of the ones I've tried because you can control which feeds go to your profile, pages, groups, etc. We talked about using for article marketing on BF.com
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    WOW! I didn't know we can do this! Thanks for asking this, Bill.

    By the way, is there any plugin that can auto update twitter + FB Fan page at the same time? That would be a great one too!

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    Thanks everyone! I decided to give RSS Graffiti a try, just set it up. Pretty nice!
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    You can use Twitterfeed to update both Twitter and your Facebook page. It's a web service that will take your RSS feed and can update several services.

    I just like the control you have with RSS Grafitti for Facebook, so I set it up separately.

    I've never had that much luck with plugins that are supposed to update from Wordpress. They either work for awhile and then stop after an upgrade or they conflict with something else.
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    Guys, a big thank to everyone of you here posting such useful information! Hugs!
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    Definitely... thanks to all for the info.... I was looking for a way to get my content onto my FB page. Now I've found several ways. RSS Graffiti sounds like a winner to me.
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    Thanks for helpful advice. I have used it and worked properly...Thanks

    I am a devoted blogger & seo girl!

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      Rather than using a dedicated WP plugin that posts directly to Facebook, why not use Posterous? Thats what I do. When I post to my blog an email is sent to my Posterous account, which automatically posts to over a dozen social media sites, one of which is Facebook. The plugin that you need to install is Subscribe 2. It will send an email to your subscribers whenever you publish a new post. If you don't want to go through posterous, then just go to your facebook account and get facebook to send you a dedicated email that allows you to post directly to your wall.
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