Does My Blogging, Forum Posting, & Article Writing Daily Really Help?

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Hey everyone,

I've been in Online Marketing for roughly 3 years now and I learned something new about 6 weeks ago.

You see, I've been "teaching" that consistency is key for awhile through my websites and splash pages, but I have to be honest that there would be days while I was making my round of forum posts and wondering if I was really doing myself any good.

I mean....was that blog post really important? Was that thread I started on attraction marketing making a difference? Was that article I submitted a waste of my time? Was that book I read last weekend really helping me?

The answer.

Came to me about 6 weeks ago.

I was browsing my round of forums when I received a random Private Message from someone named "Happyday", asking me to check out a new opportunity that was about to launch.

So I went to the forum thinking "what the heck" and read the articles on the newly launching company and made a single forum post.

"I like what I'm reading and this business model seems like it has great potential. I will join and build a team."

Within 48 hours I had 80 people tell me they wanted to join my team and work with me.

I was dumbfounded.

The common theme that my new teammembers were telling me was, "I have been reading your posts for the last 3 years, and always wanted to work with you but was just waiting for the right time."

These 80 turned into 600 within 1 week.

I was contacted by the owners of the company and they asked me if I wanted to lead their Marketing campaign.

I accepted.

600 turned into 3000 in 2 weeks time.


Was posting on forums, writing blogs, sending articles, reading those books, and building that list every single day worth it?

The answer:

A Resounding Yes


Kind Regards,

Broker Jones
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