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Hi, does anyone have any tips for organizing opt in lists. I use Aweber and I'm gradually building a good list through offering Free videos etc..but here's my problem:

I think I occasionally send out sales broadcasts or follow ups to people who have already bought my product and I clearly don't want that. I say 'I think' but actually I know I have because I got an email from someone telling me so. They weren't exactly annoyed by it but it does seem a bit unprofessional especially if I'm maybe sending out a discount offer on the product and someone has already paid full price!!

The problem is that I also wan to send out updates and videos to people who have bought my product, so in effect I need to somehow have 3 lists..
1) Everyone
2) People who have bought
3) People who haven't bought

I tried asking Aweber but they didn't seem to have a water tight answer.

Any tips please?
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    You must create a new list only for buyers, and the squeeze format must be on the donwload area (I use DLGuard) and then you can program Aweber to delete that people as soon they subscribe to the new list.

    In order to do it you must do:

    * Select you prospect list
    * My List -->Automation
    * Select "unsubscribe from list when lead subscribed to"
    * Select you new buyers list
    * Save

    You done!

    And I love this function because Im also buy a list of BUYERS and that's great!
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