How to make money from directories?

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I have a domain that would be well served by being a directory of businesses, but how best to approach it?

Simply add businesses and get traffic or approach first?

Lets say I own, obviously there are too many lawyers to approach individually, so simply add them and worry about details later? lol
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    Some offer free listing to get the Directory populated and worth consumers visiting, then offer preferred listing positions for a fee. You might also be able to place regular adsense and banner ads, if the traffic is big enough.

    There are way too many directories on the web these days, I have seen some 80 similar directories on a single server that I suspect were owned by a directory posting service.

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    Thing is, do I have to contact companies in order to list them or can I just add a load as and when I see fit?
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      Hiu sparhawke,

      As long as you list public information that can easily found on the business’ homepage, then you can probably get away with adding business yourself.

      However, you will probably need to give the business the choice to opt out if they do not want to be listed.

      However, since I am not a lawyer, it would be safest to ask for permission first or get a lawyer to inform you all of the legal ramifications.

      All the best,
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