My first screencast - help, please!

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I have created my first screencast of a PPT presentation using Screenflow (Mac).

Now I want to prepare it for upload via EZS3 and create a vidget to show it on my web site. But I cannot find any instructions, tutorials or guidance on the best way to do that.

For example, should I just export it using the default settings in Screenflow (.mov file, Web-High, scale 50%)? Or is there some massaging or tweaking to be done? Should it be in a different format (.swf for example)?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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    Still haven't figured out how to do this. Hope someone can help.

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    I also use EZS3 for all my videos. It is up to you what resolution (size) you wish to export the video at. Decide what size you would like it to be on your website and then export the video at that size. The file format I have found to work best (the best size/quality ratio) is the mp4 format. I can't give you any help with screenflow though as I use Camtasia to record and export all my Powerpoint and screencast videos.

    Just remember that for best results, the size of the window you recorded the video with and the size of the video you export should be kept in the same ratio. For example I record my powerpoint videos at 640px x 480px. If I decided I wanted my video to display on my website with a width of 500px then the size of the video would have to be 500px x 375px as that keeps the video in the same size ratio.
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    Like WillR, I don't have experience of Screenflow. What I would recommend however, is that you don't upload a .MOV file (users will only be able to view it if they have Quicktime.

    MP4 is good and so is .flv format - I prefer .flv but thats just a personal preference. I wouldnt necessarily use 'web-high' as a quality setting. Try a medium setting instead, otherwise it could be very jittery (stop / start) for anyone who is not on a superfast broadband connection (and for those who are sharing home networks or using mobile dongles).

    Hope that helps a bit

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      Thanks, guys. Both of your suggestions really help.
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    Hi Kelly,

    My Screenflow workflow

    For HD quality video:
    Edit Screenflow canvas size to 1280x720
    Compression Type h.264
    Drag the compressor Quality to Best
    Click OK
    Format ACC
    Sample Rate:44.100kHz
    Bit Rate:192 kbps
    Click OK
    Check the option "Prepare for internet streaming"
    Select the Fast Start option
    Click OK
    Dimensions Radio button to Scale by 100%
    Click Export
    This gives you a .mov file which is normally quite large
    I then add this file into the free software HandBrake on the Mac and export as .mp4
    making sure I've checked web optimized.

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    Hi Kelly

    I don't get over to this forum very often.. but we do offer support in our forum!

    We have a Camtasia guides - use the search link in the top nav panel to get to the guides quickly

    For 'starting out advice' - try this
    Step-By-Step - Getting to grips with the 1, 2, 3 of Adding video and audio to your website


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      Don't forget FLV encoded videos are a no-go with portable fruit. You might want to encode as MP4/h.264.
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