Will your Children be Internet Marketers? (and Warriors)?

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If you have young children, do you want to encourage them to get into internet marketing too, and get them into their own online ventures? (I don't mean forcing them, but suggesting)

If your children are young would you want them to when they are older?

If you don't have children, if you had some would you get them into it?

and if you have children who are older, have you mentioned it to them, for something they can look at getting into?

If so, for fulltime or as a partime hobby?

or perhaps they are already Internet marketers (and even warriors),
and even making more profit than you are
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    I guess one of the great things about this business is that once you have a solid foundation , you can always pass it on to your children like the 'NEXT HEIR TO THE THRONE'. Your children might fight amongst themselves to become the next heir..lol..that is only drawback I can see

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    It's up to them.

    There is nothing more obnoxious or annoying to a child than having a parent who tries to cram their own hopes and dreams down your throat.

    If they come to me, great. If they don't, maybe I should STFU and let them make their own decisions.
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    If I had children, I would want them to do what ever it is that excites them, makes them happen, and they love doing.

    It doesn't really matter what job you have, how much money you have, etc, as long as your happy with your life the way it is.

    People just need to be happy in life.
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      Originally Posted by CyberSorcerer View Post

      People just need to be happy in life.
      So true!

      I was thinking about teaching my 8yo son how to make websites if he's interested and introduce him more to what I do and then see what he does with it from there. Of course if he wants to I'd love to teach him all I know but that will have to be up to him.
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    No, I hope their Dad is rich enough from IM himself that they won't have too!
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    That would be up to them, I bust my butt at IM so they can go to good schools and have choices and opportunities that wren't available to me when I was a kid

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    As a parent, I often find myself wondering what will become of my children. There is no doubt that my wife and I have enormous effect on how their lives are shaped, but at the end of the day, I want them to figure it all out on their own.

    As a internet marketer, and overall entrepreneur, my only hope is that they see I have taken a different route then the masses and that this is an option available to them.

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      My 4 year old son is waaay more observant and savvy than I ever was as a kid. And based on the way he hits all of his grandparents up for the change in their pockets (which he quickly hordes into his piggy bank), he will probably be quite the driven salesman. I could totally see him making his own mini fortune by puberty.

      I sure won't force any career path on my kids, but if they choose to be like Dad, then that's cool, too.


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    The older ones do their own thing.

    Our youngest is autistic and just getting him through life is what we are aiming for. He is 18 now and in a good program that is helping him greatly. It would be nice for him to do this but he has severe mental limitations.
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      Out of my 3 children, the youngest at 27, is just now starting to ask me about my oline business. One of my older children wrote some articles for me, and we still share the income from that project, going on 3 years now.

      My other son is a musician and actually gets gigs from his site.

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    It's up to them! I have tried to encourage my kids to start their own blogs and even bought them all a domain each, but they lost interest very quickly. Whether they will become more interested as they get older I don't know. I'm not fussed, if they do it they do it, if not that's ok too.

    I want my kids to follow their own dreams so I certainly won't force IM onto them.
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    Mine are younger, so only if they're interested.

    My oldest is 8. She has her own website on a topic she loves (fairies). She quit working on it after the first try when she realized that work is involved.

    She says she wants to do what I do when she grows up. We'll see what happens. I remind her she's free to work on her own site and I'll help her any time she wants. There are always things she wants to do more.
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    Will your Children be Internet Marketers? (and Warriors)?
    As soon as the little buggers can spell they get a netbook and angela's backlink packs... stop crying, get to work and make me some money!

    I'm all about that bass.

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  • No, plan of having children. If I did I would probably do that just to save them from working a bad job though.
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