Exit Pop Ups - How Many Of You Use Them? Do They Produce Good Results?

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Hey guys,

Just wandering if any of you us exit pop ups and if so do they gain you a lot of subscribers/affiliate sales?

Only wondering because I have been thinking about trying to build a list and thought about using a exit pop up.

However I have visited a fair few sites recently and have noticed a lot of them, and to be honest they annoy the hell out of me.

Just wanted to know if you are seeing any good results using them, and also do you use them to capture leads or direct visitors to an affiliate program.

Many thank's
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    I've never used them on my sites. Hell yeah they're annoying. Maybe the average person that doesn't visit sales pages that often will stop and read it, but for me an exit pop will guarantee that I don't buy/subscribe to their whatever.
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    I can't stand them, but apparently, they work!
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    Hey Stephen,

    I have actually tested this in the internet marketing niche and another niche. And basically the results were having an exit pop up (going to an opt in page in my case) in the "other" niche did work very well, but did not work well in the IM niche.

    Exit pop ups can work and get good results, but because of alot of internet marketers have been using it so much people have become less responsive to it. But it you do use it in the IM niche one tip only have 1 exit pop up, I have seen pages where people use up to 6 exit pop ups and to be honest that's ridiculous.

    Hope this helps

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    I've tested exit pops, enter pops, on page opt-in forms, footer ads, and peel away ads.

    Exit pops got the greatest percentage of people opting in by far. The only thing better is a squeeze page.
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      I use a "non-intrusive" exit popup on one of my IM-related sites (where the user isn't forced to click a button in order to leave the site). My stats show that it's responsible for around 15% of my sign-ups, consistently. So yeah, it's definitely worth it. I would never use the "intrusive" kind though, even if it increased opt-ins. Those are just too annoying, IMO.

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    Always hated those exit popups, and I never thought they worked....but I may have to look into it after reading this thread..

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