Facebook Fan Page Notes vs RSS Graffiti

by David
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Occasionally Facebook's provided method of importing our blog RSS feeds into our Facebook pages (not to be confused with personal FB profiles) breaks.

Facebook Notes is what I'm talking about.

Mine is currently broken, a year or so ago when you checked FB help forum others reported that it took as long as a week for FB Notes to getting around to importing. Perhaps it's an issue of being "over capacity"?

So.. I'm using both NetworkedBlogs and/ or RSS Graffiti to import blog feeds into both my FB Business Pages and my local SEO clients FB Business pages.

My question is: I know FB notes boosts the original blogs ranking, I'm not sure if RSS Graffiti does, NetworkedBlogs seems similar to Digg in that it's a Iframe, all Google Juice goes to Digg and not to the original domain.

Does NetworkedBlogs and RSS Graffiti also detract from SEO value to the original domain?
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