Good source for PLR articles?

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I have a relatively new site that I am looking to get populated with some content quickly. My long term plan is to create (or outsource) all my own content, but in the short term I want to make the site look less "new".
I downloaded one pack of 25 articles from one site and the articles were unusable garbage. I mean I wasn't expecting pulizter prize stuff, but I was hoping for better than this.
Does anyone have a resource they would recommend for decent PLR stuff, articles, and maybe ebooks?

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    Hey, I recently wrote 10 articles for this guy on digitalpoint. Unfortunately, after I gave him the articles, he was nowhere to be found and is not replying. He didn't pay me and it's been 3 days already. So people here on WF advised me to just sell them as PLR.

    They are all about weight loss. I can guarantee very high-quality articles. I'm selling them all for just $10. Are you interested? Here's a sample paragraph from one of them:

    3 Things to Remember when Losing Weight.

    Losing weight, as you can tell by the million-dollar industry that revolves around it, is not easy. There's so much information everywhere about different ways and approaches to losing weight that those starting out their research often get confused. There are so many details, scientific terms, and other complicated things to learn about when studying how everything works when one tries to lose weight. The intention of this article is to help out the beginner, or to remind the expert, about the 3 fundamental basics (yes, that was redundant, but not exaggerated) when one is trying to lose weight:
    I'm a Professional Writer. I also do high-quality spins. I won't stop until you get the quality that you deserve. PM me or Email me at for samples of my work or for orders. I look forward to long-term business relationships with you.
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    You say the articles you bought were garbage. Couldn't you fix them up a bit?
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    @jglopez-thanks for the offer, sounds like a good deal. Unfortunately the niche I'm working on right now is unrelated.

    As far as re-writing them, I'm going to try to salvage a few. But they are bad enough, it would probably take just as long as writing completely new articles.

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    Try taking a look at this list started by Michael Mayo, you should be able to find something suitable there I would imagine:

    PLR Suppliers

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    Nigel was faster....sorry for duplicate link post.
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    Okay then - Those lists should keep me busy for a little while

    Ask and you shall receive.

    Thanks folks.
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    Best PLR Site:

    is niche-content-packages(dot)com/index(dot)php

    Stupid low post count won't let me really post it
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    I do not have a "thanks" button, because my post count is still low, so I will do it here. Thanks to everyone. Tons of great resources.
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    Definitely those lists posted above will give you a lot of PLR options. The first places I look are Tiffany Dow at PLR Mini Mart, Nicole Dean at easyplr, Alice Seba at All Private Label Content, and Peggy Baron at All Star PLR. Those are my favorites, and I never have to worry about quality with them.
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      In addition to Tiffany Dow, Alice Seba & Nicole Dean, I also like what Kerstin & Reimund Lube put out. Rosie Cottis has quality stuff, too.

      PLR Wholesaler provides a boatload of free plr, but you have to spend a lot of time going through the content to find what you're searching for.
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    Hi Paulo,
    There are lots of good PLR writers here on the WF, some specializing in certain niches. What is your niche?

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      Originally Posted by Peggy Baron View Post

      Hi Paulo,
      There are lots of good PLR writers here on the WF, some specializing in certain niches. What is your niche?

      Hey Peggy, I got your message. I can't send you a pm yet. Thanks for the package!
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