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Ok I'm hoping I can find an answer here from the great warriors.

I have a domain name. The main domain is a WP blog about IM. But...

What if I want to make a subdomain (more in the future) about a different topic like......gambling or something. If I set up the subdomain to point to can I install another WP blog inside this directory so I could basically have a new WP blog for the subdomain?

And if this is feasible, is it too much to do it for multiple subdomains?

Thanks for any help.
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    Wordpress 3.0 has the ability to be used as:

    * A single blog
    * A blog with multiple subdomains
    * A blog with multiple domains AND subdomains.

    Pre 3.0, in order to have subdomains on the same installation, you used to have to use Wordpress Multi User.

    With 3.0, those two platforms merged and now to have that functionality you just have to enable the "multi site" feature.

    There are instructions on how to do this online, but it really only takes two steps.

    1. Go to the control panel of your hosting, then to manage subdomains. Add a wildcard subdomain, "*" with no quotes.

    2. Install the plugin Enable Multi Site

    Then you can add as many subdomain blogs as you want. Remember that these are all *virtual* subdomains. There is just one installation of Wordpress.

    If you want to have multiple domains as well as subdomains one one Wordpress installation, install the Wordpress Multi network plugin.

    You might come across some people recommending using WP Multi Domain. I wouldn't. When you visit the page, the url is rewritten, but every single link and url generated by Wordpress (menu links, sitemap, RSS feed, etc.) shows the url as a subdomain on the main domain rather than the domain it is supposed to be rewritten to.

    Keep in mind that if you enable the multi site feature, Wordpress basically takes over your subdomain and rewriting system so you couldn't manually add a subdomain to that domain.
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    Thanks so much for the help!
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    Hmmm. I just tried to create the * subdomain and it wouldn't let me do it because it requires a letter or number. Maybe it's my 1 and 1 hosting?
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    It probably is the 1and1 set up. With hosting that has Cpanel, you can add it as a subdomain.
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    Yep, that's a bad hosting... sorry. Never heard a good word about them in the last 6-7 years.

    And just FYI: you should never point a subdomain to a subfolder! It is less messy if you avoid it.

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