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If this has been asked before I apoligize and please direct me to the thread.

My personal search on the topic was unfruitful.

I'm looking around for a payment processor that can do what Paypal can and has the highest rate of conversions on their order page.

I'd like to hear from people who have tested this.

It seems pretty obvious to me that for anyone paying with a credit card Paypal's checkout page totally sucks. So what's the best alternative?

I know fees are a huge factor here too but right now I'm mainly concerned with conversions.

All input is greatly appreciated.


P.S. Payjunction looks pretty customizable and I've heard good things about them.
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    If you want the highest conversion, you want to work with a payment processor that works seamlessly on your website.

    In other words, you want to get an SSL license (secure server certificate) for your domain so you can serve https pages and you want the entire checkout on your website.

    There are several shopping cart solutions that will work with paypal in this way. (This is their website payments pro level of service and costs $30 a month in addition to the standard charges.)

    The customer never knows that paypal is collecting the money. They never leave your site. This gives a nice smooth payment flow process.
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    I would suggest :

    Payment Gateway to Accept Online Payments

    I've used them before, and the conversion was much higher...

    - Jared


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  • Profile picture of the author ahuddy is a very popular choice. I've seen that you can obtain merchant accounts through costco as well. I have also used 2checkout in the past which worked well. Do you have a shopping cart on your site. Usually the shopping cart will have a list of payment processors that it is coded to work with.
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