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Fellow Warriors!

Given the heated discussions that are going on in some of the other threads right now... I thought I'd redirect some of the attention to stuff most of us can relate to/ agree upon and something that will really help inspire the newbies...

So for those of you with truly touching or inspirational stories about how/why/when you got started please share them here for everyone to read. I'm sure there are some great stories among warriors.

Take Care,
#rags #riches
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    Hey biz,

    Well I got started in IM last year but I consider myself as the guy that knows alot and does nothing. IMHO I could probably have already quit my day job after only a few months of IM. My first blog ever made was a blogger blog that got me my first clickbank check of over 100$. This happened in about a month which was very exciting for me. There is nothing better than getting that first sale. My advice to beginners is to take action now and reap the benefits later!
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