Differences Between Custom Made & PLR Autoresponder Messages?

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Dear Fellow Warriors

I have all the while been using PLR Autoresponder messages for my lists, and I merely edit some things like the product recommendations, but more or less the information I provide to my subscribers are all PLR.

Should I invest money in getting a writer to write me autoresponder messages unique only to me? What difference does it make using unique messages and PLR? Would like to hear from your experiences, and thanks in advance for the input!

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    It really shouldn't matter, but having some fresh material wouldn't hurt.

    The only real difference and risk is having your subscribers getting the information multiple times via being signed up to multiple lists.
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    It depends on how much you value your list and what sort of - if any - relationship and rapport you're trying to build with them.

    Using PLR messages leaves you devoid of any sort of personal connection with your list.
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    I feel that unique messages serve to solidify one's personal 'style' (or brand I suppose). There are people who remain faithful to certain authors, composers of music, playwrights, et al. purely because of a connection or interest in their distinct delivery of the material.

    I'm not against using PLR messages, though; provided the content is substantial and the messages are edited appropriately prior to sending them out, there really isn't much to worry about. =)
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    • I agree with daniel here, nothing wrong with PLR at all though make sure you edit it appropriately and add your own "touch/character" to it that will make it unique to you. People will appreciate it, will have an easier time building a connection with you which ultimately transforms into more sales for you.
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