Shared Web Designer / Virtual Assistant - May I ask for your thoughts?

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I'm thinking of offering a service that would allow business owners to have shared use of either a Web Designer/ Graphic Artist or a Virtual Assistant.

The way it would work with each subscriber would have the use of either for 10 hours a week to work for them on projects.

The rate would be $197 a month for the Web Designer/ Graphic Artist
$147 a month for the virtual assistant.

Do you see this as a viable service? Would you buy it? Are the rates too low? I appreciate your thoughts.

Jay NaPier
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    Those rates are way too low. You're talking about 40 hours of work per month for less than $200. That means that *you* are only getting paid $5 per hour for someone that I'm guessing you are going to outsource too. Then you're going to have to turn around and pay that person for their hourly work.

    Consider this. I work for a large web design company and our hourly rate is closer to $150 per hour. You can obviously provide the services for a lot less per hour, but $197 per month is ridiculously low (unless you're the one paying it of course)

    Hope that helps.
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    It's a great idea I think. But price might be kind of low, unless you're hiring Indians. I'd think you'd have a hard time finding a designer to work for $5/hour (and that's with you NOT taking a cut). 10hrs per week=40hrs per month=$200/40=$5/hr

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