Do Link Exchanges Work?

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Hey all,

In a bid to help market my website, I developed a post/page entitled 'To Me, To You'. The concept is this; if someone links to me, I'll link to them. I made it about 3 days ago, and already I have 8 people who have signed up (I'm a complete beginner to internet marketing so this is good in my opinion!!)

But will it work?

My goal is that search engines will index these backlinks, and so my website will increase in value consequently shifting it's arse up the search engine pages.

Obviously I'll need a hell of a lot more links than 8...but I'm interested in whether any of you guys n girls have any experiences in link exchange?

Are one way links better than two-way?

Do search engines decrease the value of a link to your site if there is a reciprocal one?

Thank you very much,

p.s. my website is "" - easy, fun and free marketing for the beginner. You're all welcome to get a link from me as well!
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