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Hi all,
I thought I was content working a 9-5 job, until I became a mom. Now I am DETERMINED to make a living working from home so I can be with my son 24/7.
I've been researching alot for the past 3 weeks about ways to make a living online. I've discovered many scams
I have absolutely no experience with internet marketing. I only use the internet to email, Facebook and do research.
I don't have a lot of money to invest either. I'm currently on mat leave which pays me not even half of my salary. I live in Alberta, Canada.
My questions are:
1. What kind of online money making tactic is best for me?
2. Do you recommend any specific programs for me?
3. I do not believe in get-rich-quick schemes. I am aiming to make $3000 monthly within 3-6 months. This is enough for me to live on but if I can make more then sure why not.
I've come across Warrior Forum numerous times while doing my research so I highly respect this forum and count on your replies.
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    I think if you mix blogging, list building, and creating some products you could make money in that amount of time.

    there are lots of ways of doing things on the cheap.

    But you had better be ready to write a lot!
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      I would say to pick an affiliate program to promote through, set up a blog to promote it. And start sending traffic, this can be done for free using articles, forum sigs, free classified ads, youtube videos etc.
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      Hi there! Thanks for the reply.
      I don't even know what mix blogging and list building is. please don't laugh.
      Of course, with any real job, I expect to invest time and effort. I was just hoping that you experienced people can point me in the right direction.

      Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

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        I don't even know what mix blogging and list building is.
        Of course you don't - you are just getting started. Educcated answers from people making money will all be the same. They will tell you to start at the beginning and do enough reading/learning/research to know what paths are available and to choose how YOU plan to work online.

        I would say a great idea would be to join the War Room (one time $37 fee) - stay out of the WSO section for right now.

        Download and read Private Posts and other posts by Allen (Admin-owner of the forum). Look up the "30 day challenge" online (I think it's still free) and go through that training.

        You can't succeed over the long term if you try to start in the middle and I think you realize that. If you are willing to put in the time and learn the basics first you'll get lots of help on this forum - and your time frame may be possible. You need to "get" the big picture and then you can develop your own plan to build a business.

        Good luck. There are no easy buttons and no big secrets - so don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Good news is none of this IM stuff is very hard. You only need to learn and apply the basic processes that others are using and you'll be fine.

        Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
        Someone out there is holding their breath & waiting for you to fail...Make sure they suffocate.
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          Thanks will definitely join the War Room.
          Wish me luck

          Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

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          Very well-said. Like most other industries, IM too is a practice and a discipline powered by some know-how but does not need much (any) of rocket-science to start succeeding.

          Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

          There are no easy buttons and no big secrets - so don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Good news is none of this IM stuff is very hard. You only need to learn and apply the basic processes that others are using and you'll be fine.
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      I don't know where to start with promoting clickbank products or service.
      Geez, I am a scammers dream come true.
      Do you guys know of any legit programs that can teach me well? All this internet marketing talk is greek to me. I am determined to learn. Problem is, I probably will fall into a scam without guidance.

      Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

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    Yes there are many scams and many legit programs too. But the best program that you have is your brain.

    Since you are starting, why don't you run a service? That's what would give you instant money. Limit the amount of service that you want to run to a level. And invest the remaining time that you have in developing your marketing skills without worrying about the money and day-to-day living (since the service you run will keep you going).
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  • Hi! Let's see... You're in Canada, aiming to earn $3K/mo working at home...

    What do you prefer to work on?

    a. A business providing ICT (Information & Communications Technology)
    and marketing services to
    corporations, companies, business and home businesses...

    b. Niche websites earning money from CPC ads (you get paid when a viewer clicks on a CPC ad on your pages),
    CPM (you get paid when a certain number of viewers visit your pages with CPM ads),
    CPA (you get paid when a qualified lead takes a CPA offer )and
    affiliate product sales (you get
    paid commissions per sale)...

    c. A website selling products or service packages you developed...


    d. A combination of A, B and C?
    • Deep Learning & Machine Vision Engineer: ARIA Research (Sydney, AU)
    • Founder: Grayscale (Manila, PH) & SEO Campaign Manager: Kiteworks, Inc. (SF, US)
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      Hey Marx, all of the above?

      Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

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      • A. If you're anywhere near BC, Vancouver: There are lots of software development and ICT corporations,
        companies, businesses and home businesses there that require offshore ICT and online marketing manpower resources,
        due to lacking mainland resources...

        You can offer them a solution to their needs and problems, as a headhunting firm,
        focused on tapping offshore and mainland ICT manpower resources...

        B. My 2011 global market research, taken from prominent global media sources of relevant and
        updated research data and commentary analysis, points out these things:

        1. Tourism and travel will have a 72% net valuation increase this year and 2 years beyond.
        2. Number 1 above is primarily due to the internationalization of the business industry because of
        ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and healthcare improvements in developing countries.

        3. The 2nd reason for numbers 1 and 2 includes the baby boomers/seniors.
        4. Numbers 1, 2 and 3 point out that health care, particularly health care employment and business opportunities for
        both service providers and product manufacturers, will be big, especially senior-slanted products,
        like accessibility tools.

        5. The construction industry will also have a net valuation increase this year. The boomers/seniors and
        their families will redesign their homes for optimal accessibility.

        6. Businesses will hire more people above the age of 50.
        7. 90% of 50ish year olds will decide to stay working 9 to 11 more years.
        8. Number 7 will cause business owners to redevelop their offices and equipment for optimal accessibility.

        9. Numbers 2 and others above point out that green power, not because of the environment,
        but rather the cost cutting benefit it can provide business owners, will be profitable.

        So, we have these niches:

        1. Tourism and Travel
        2. Business -- included sub niches: equipment for corporate offices and home offices
        3. Technology
        4. Outsourcing
        5. Senior Market
        6. Home Improvement
        7. Do It Yourself
        8. Health and Wellness Services/Products
        9. Healthcare Jobs/Employment
        10. Green Power (slanted more towards business cost cutting than environment security)

        There will also be a 62% annual net valuation increase in mining valuable minerals, specifically oil, gold,
        copper and iron. Don't accurately know how the consumer market will be affected by this,
        but my inference is:

        If there is a net valuation increase in the mining industry, then that points out an investment
        and demand increase in oil, gold, copper and iron...

        Since a majority of the global consumer market does not invest in oil, copper and iron and
        does not demand wholesale volumes of oil, gold, copper and iron, two things come into mind
        in terms of the consumer market:

        1. They will invest in gold more this year.
        2. There will be home businesses globally where they try to invest in copper and iron via
        small recycling stations...

        In terms of CPC, CPM and CPA income for your niche websites:
        Keep in mind there are specific groups of people, sharing similar needs and problems relevant to each niche,
        who are ad clickers, page readers and offer takers, though of course there are groups that aren't
        included in any of those...

        In terms of commission income from affiliate product sales:
        Keep in mind that there are other affiliates selling products and services relevant to the needs
        and problems of people interested in various niches, and these products and services are from
        corporations, companies, businesses and home businesses that also sell those products and services themselves...

        C. You can choose profitable niches and develop products and service packages with additional
        benefits not found in competing products and services...

        Additional benefits can be added features, reasonable pricing structures, rewards/incentives/bonuses,
        promotional marketing concepts, point of sale ideas and so on, all resulting to added value for buyers...
        • Deep Learning & Machine Vision Engineer: ARIA Research (Sydney, AU)
        • Founder: Grayscale (Manila, PH) & SEO Campaign Manager: Kiteworks, Inc. (SF, US)
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      I just checked out Ed Dale's "The Challenge." It looks so fascinating I'm excited. Will start it today.
      And I just checked my account balance. Don't even have $37 to join the War Room
      Will join when I get my next employment insurance pay

      Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

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        The Challenge

        It has given many people a great start.

        I did it a few years ago and it got me hooked. My first website made via their methods pays for my hosting costs with adsense revenue. Others have made quite a bit more.

        I don't know if the post is still available in the forums, but one member makes a sizable income by using those exact methods, step by step, and selling it as a service to local businesses. You would need to learn to build on that, but it could give you a base to work with.
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    I fully agree with the advice for you to join the Warrior Room. Your loonies will definitely be well spent here. I have been down the same type of path you are on now. One of my daughter's has autism. I have worked really hard to build a business to be able to provide for her and my other children. Plus, I am a single parent. I have learned a lot along the way, and I am grateful for the help I have received. If you ever need help, or advice, please send me a note. I would be happy to chat with you, too. Based on what you have written, there definitely are some legitimate ways to help you. Best wishes.

    Chief Executive Officer
    Best Designed Blogs
    Based in Canada and the USA
    None of our work is outsourced

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