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Hi All,

I have a few wordpress sites that are all on different themes as i haven't really settled on one in particular. I now want to start creating one site a week and want a simple theme that I can use across the board. My business partner has narrowed it down to three but I would be interested to see other peoples opinions whether this was one of these themes or something else.

Affiliate Themes
Studio Press
Thesis for Wordpress

Any help would be appreciated.

Good luck everyone

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    Thesis FTW!
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    Had a quick look at the 3 and like the affiliate theme the most

    Rise and Grind

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    Studio Press is my favorite but I think it depends on the types of blogs you are going for.

    I find thesis to be a bit dry looking - not a magazine type but more for an informational type blog.

    Affiliate Themes seems like it is geared towards niche marketing - teeth whitening, amazon products etc..

    Studio Press is more of a magazine style theme (actually they have a ton of different style themes) which I picture more for authority sites in a niche. Sites that have a good mix of content, news and products etc... But niches that are visually appealing like gardening, dogs etc..

    But that's just me - I suppose you could customize any theme to be suited for any of the purposes and look however you wanted.

    Gone Fishing
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    Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to themes, but I prefer Thesis myself because of its flexibility, ease of use and also the fact that there is such a vast base of users everywhere. If you have any issues with Thesis and would like to figure out how to resolve them, there are countless blogs and forums out there that focus on the Thesis theme, not to mention the excellent tutorials and support available on the Thesis site itself.

    In addition to that, Thesis has quite a few 'skins' that allow you to change the look and feel of your sites even more without having to meddle with html and/or css.

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      Agree with jugroo and paulie: Thesis rules! And they have recently updated it to make changing color and uploading headers as easy as pie. It's totally worth the $, esp. if you plan to use it for multiple sites.
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    Depends on what you're trying to do. Thesis is a good one...I personally like Authority Pro and have used WooThemes and Flex Squeeze a lot as well...
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      Got to chime in here with my vote for Thesis too!

      I put it up on my blog recently (for the first time) and found it remarkably easy to customize.

      Plus you can really take it away from the standard default look. I changed the font, uploaded a header, changed the sidebar colors etc. All really easy to set up.
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        have a look at canvas woo theme
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      I suggest go for thesis.
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        I have both Thesis and Flexsqueeze. I like FlexSqueeze more, probably because of the kind of sites I put together and maybe just because I mostly want to get the site up and running.

        With the smae amount of time spent customizing each of these, I feel I can get a site that I like better with FlexSqueeze.

        Thesis, IMO, is really a blog framework, and mostly I use WP as a CMS rather than a blog.

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    Thank you everyone we are going for Thesis, it seems to do all we want.


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    If you want one theme that can be easily customized for each site I would choose It has NO competition. Its a drag and drop frontend WYSIWYG. No need to change stuff in the administration and then visit front to see what changed.
    You change and you see directly with Headway.
    Excellent product, Excellent support, great for affiliate marketers (Amazon, ClickBank etc)
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    Try the Theme Search within the Wordpress Blog Itself. Try for 2 column Simple terms. You will come across some good themes.
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    Did you consider the Talian SEO theme at some point? It's the theme I use on my blogs.
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    I like elegant themes you can use their themes and i find their theme so much easy to use and elegant look.
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    My options:

    Free: K2 and Atahualpa (Amazing themes, people often forget their ability for great custom skinning and out of the box SEO...)

    Paid: Thesis (haven't used the others so far, so really can't tell, beside the look of them...)

    OP, if you OR your partner have coding skills, both K2 and Atahualpa can make wonders for you guys.

    Just sayin...

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