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I'm new to IM and to all kinds of web-design. My first question is general so I can prevent having to write questions like my second one on this forum too often.

1. Any good suggestions on where to learn everything I'll need to know about how to create attractive and useful enough wp sites to sustain me until I can afford to outsource?

2. Is it possible to upload a banner I found or bought onto one of my wp themes without knowing any code?

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    If your new to web-design etc theres no reason to learn it now.
    1: In most cases you can use the free WordPress themes available. There are commercial themes as well you can use. Like Headway, Canvas that enables you to make unique styles using the theme settings. Many of the commercial theme providers also release free themes that look great. Theme Foundry, WooThemes etc.

    2: In most cases yes.
    Excellent product, Excellent support, great for affiliate marketers (Amazon, ClickBank etc)
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    1) Go through the Wordpress Codex and you can learn everything from there.

    2) Depends on where you want to place the banner ads.

    If on the sidebar, then just drag the text widget to the sidebar and put your html code in there.

    If anywhere in the posts ( top, middle or bottom ), then there is a plugin called Quick Adsense, which will help you insert your banner WITHOUT any coding !

    Hope this helps.
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