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Can someone please share tips on how to keep all the work related to the sites organized? That's where I'm struggling the most right now. Is there a step by step plan for marketers on organization that's helpful?
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  • You mean how to organize your campaigns?

    It used to be a difficult task for me, but now I put everything to same template of campaign.

    For example, if I make a new blog I create a new folder and I put all the information related to that blog in there. I made my own templates to save login information, article directory logins, email accounts related to that niche, social networks and so on. In subfolder I would place all my content that is related to the project, in other subfolder - all the web files, in other - all media stuff.

    Niche everything down.

    What's important - keep organizing the stuff in the same pattern.

    Hope that help (at least it cleaned the endless mess on my desktop!)
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      Yes, thank you, that's part of it. There's just so much to do and so much to keep up with.
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  • Oh, forgot to mention. I also have a paper binder (real one) that I use to store all my login and other information related to the campaigns.

    Each campaign gets its own sheet.

    And I put campaigns in alphabet, so it's really handy if I need any information fast, and I don't want to power up machine.

    And I find it keeps stuff more organized too!
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    Something that I find very useful is creating a mindmap for the major projects that I do - those that involve a lot of processes.

    There are many software that can create such mind maps, free and paid. The important factor is that you will be able to put your ideas in a drawing which for a lot of people is more easy to understand and implement.

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    I use a notebook too to keep track of passwords, site and project details and campaigns. I also rely heavily on a "to do" list.

    My constant mantra is, "simplify, simplify." That idea runs through all that I do. One small example: I use the Thesis template on all my sites. That kind of standardization helps me save time in adding/maintaining them.
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    As a writer, I know first hand how easy it can be to lose track of necessary information and I can tell that trying to keep up with all the campaigns is headed down the same path but this is helpful advice. Thank you all!
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