WP plugin for editing Profile data in a lightbox?

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I'm looking for a Wordpress plugin that lets you allow registered users to edit their Profile data -- or more specifically, their password -- within a popup or lightbox.

I've searched all through wordpress.org and all I've been able to find are plugins that either enhance the Profile with extra fields, or login boxes that have links to the Profile page on them.

The problem is if a user is on a page and they want to change their profile, they click the Profile link and go to the Profile page. When they're done, they don't have a way to get back to whatever page they may have been on. If it's a protected page that's hidden from the menus, they're totally lost.

A modal popup or lightbox of some kind that allows editing the Profile would solve this problem.

Anybody know of a solution?
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    An alternative that would also serve other purposes: a popup "Go Back" link-button. This would also be useful to get back people who escaped a sales page through an escape link needed theses days to get a decent adwords quality score.
    I have seen pieces of code, including a popup display and breadcrumb links that could be mashed together.

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    I think visitors would rather have a modal window or a lightbox. Besides, too many people have popup blockers that might block this.
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    i can make that for you just in $100
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    yes that is a great idea.
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      JQuery makes the popular and widely used 3rd party plugins for cool things like those huge photo slider menus, accordion sliders, etc. Their stuff is used by the masses and is pretty much bulletproof. The have WordPress and and non-Wordpress versions of most of their stuff.

      Their lightbox is a proven and solid product and can do what you need.


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