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Let's say I want to make 5-10 web sites, each with its own domain name and completely different content, and I have a cpanel hosting company like BlueHost or Hostgator. I'm using their cheap virtual shared server plan rather than spending the big bucks on a dedicated server.

So I'll be using Joomla for a few sites, and WordPress for another few. How is this done? Do you do a complete install, from scratch, of Joomla for each Joomla domain and of WP for each WP domain? If so, can this be done with Fantastico? When it comes to adding plugins and extensions and such for both types of sites, do you have to do them separately for every Joomla and WP install/site?

How resource intensive would this scenario be on a shared server hosting plan like those offered by BlueHost or Hostgator? Each Joomla install uses its own SQL database (I think), and I'm not sure what WP uses. I understand that Hostgator has a limit of 100000 "inodes" per account, so I don't know if 5 to 10 fairly small blog and basic content sites using J and WP would run into problems with this limit or cause the hosting company to shut them down for using too many resources on the shared server. I don't expect any of these sites will be getting a ton of traffic (at least not at first), so I don't want to get a dedicated server with its much higher costs.
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    Hi mate.

    I'm doing what you mention in your post on a cheap 1and1 hosting package (I think it's like £7 a month with 2 databases and more than enough storage for what I need).

    I make a fresh install of each CMS under a folder which I name whatever the site is going to be. So say I'm making a toaster review site, I'd create a 'toasterreview' folder from the root, then upload all the CMS contents into the folder and point my domain to the 'toasterreview' folder.

    Then I'd visit my toaster review site and complete the install. It's easy to install multiple CMS's under one databse, you just need to change the table prefix bit.

    This can be done both in the installation process in the browser, or you can change the config file. So my toaster review prefix for the CMS would be something like ToasterR_ (I always add an underscore after the name).

    I wouldn't get to worked up about having cheap hosting for the minute whilst you're starting out either.

    Hope this helps - it's just my experience, any questions fire away!

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