Not sure what code to use!

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Hey there,

I was surfing through sites today and saw a site that when a link is clicked, it then opens the link in a new page but still has the original site bar on the top of the page. I was wondering if anyone could help me out in letting me know what this is called. I have no idea where to start but would love to implement this into my site. Here is an example of the site that has the feature (I have no affiliate to the site). Once on the page click on a link from the list and it will open the new window. Room Deco Furniture in Woodbridge, Ontario Furniture Retail Store

Thanks in advance for any help in figuring this out!

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    This is done by creating a page that has two frames. The top frame has the original site header information and the bottom frame opens the new site.

    This is fairly easy to do, however, most people would not like the original sites header hijacking the browser. It is much better to just have the links open a new window so that your original site stays open in the background. This way once the customer closes the new window your site will still be there.

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      Hey Johnny,

      Thanks for the response and the help. I appreciate it. I will definatly look into it but I hear what you are saying about the browser hijacking. Thanks again

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        Frames are a bad idea. They're bad for SEO, they make it impossible to bookmark the site, and you end up with search engines linking people into frames of the site missing the other frames... like links directly to your content pages, without the navigation frame showing.
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        Hi Brett -

        Johnny is right it is using frames maybe Iframes. This may be done on the page but usually is because the person is using a redirect/cloaking program to control what you see and mantain control. I have GoTryThis and does what I think your are describing.

        If you decide to do something like this in the future be aware that if you incorporate this technique it may be in violation of the terms of service for certain affiliate programs.

        Some sites use frames so when you start to scroll down the page the header image and sometimes the side bar are stationary and always in view. The main content scrolls but they don't move and are always visible.

        Dan is giving good advice also.
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