Made my first couple of pounds today Yippee

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Hi guys,

Ive been trying to figure this internet marketing stuff out for a while now and it has been doing my head in to the max. I made a yoga site in december and i did a little SEO work on it that i learnt in the war room forum and i thought it had all gone tits up for me because i could never find my site anywere in google. Ive just had a look now and saw that it is on the first page at the number 8 spot and now im finally getting a little traffic to it. Its not even a great site aswell. I just looked at my adsence account and i made £1.29, i then had a look at my amazon account and i have £1.75 on there aswell. Not much i know but atleast i know that what im doing is working now so i can carry on with what ive been doing and make other sites in the same way. Whoop Whoop its all coming together now, i think i might put clickbank on it aswell to see if i can make something from that. This really bloody works. Thanks warrior forum.

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    Great stuff!!
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    Great post Russ..Keep up the good work!

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    Woohoo! Great work, warrior!

    Keep at it and you'll have more successes than you can imagine!
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      Cracking, next stop is google number 1, your moving up the ranks.. more of the same!!!
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    Great one mate, good stuff. Time and effort is the key I think.
    I need to be patient more myself since I'm new to this venture.
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    Thanks for all the helps guys and gals. My site is ranked at number 7 in google on internet explorer and number 2 in google on firefox. I also number 5 in google for another keyword. Number 7 out of over 1 million competing sites. I feel hyper now, the wife dont understand how much it means to me lol she thinks im going off the rails ha ha. The hard work really does pay off and im not even very smart lol i finished school with no grades what so ever so if i can do this then anyone can do it. I got another couple of domains that im gonna start with now. Oh and i havent even wrote a single post. Im using a guy from Fiver to write them, cheap labour but he doing a good job for me.

    Bye for now, i will keep you posted

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