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by edge83
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Hi all-

I was asked (very politely, actually) because of a change in policy to no longer use a domain name I had been using which contained a specific product name that I was involved in promoting.

Is the best step to move the database/WP install to the new domain name and redirect the old one, at least for a while, to the new domain.. then change the backlinks in the few places I put them (ezine articles etc) to the new domain?

I guess the redirection part / what to do with the old domain is the most important question.. whatever avoids it being.. and I know this is a famous myth, but I believe this is the ACTUAL duplicate content.. two sites on the same server with what would be identical content, since the old domain might be in cache etc? Thanks for any advice
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    Yes, install the new WP first then go back and change the backlinks if you feel it is necessary.

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    Make sure you do a 301 redirect so that the link juice from the existing backlinks passes to your new site.


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      Just a thought-- and maybe I'm missing something here-- but it seems to me that your problem is with the name, not the content? So why move the whole site? The simplest solution is to remove the old name and connect the new name to the old index page. Don't move anything but the name. Then redirect the old name to a dummy page until you get your backlinks changed.
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        Did the request to stop using the domain involve trademarks?

        If so, redirecting to a new site isn't an answer because you would still be using that domain. If it is a trademark problem, you will be expected to stop using that url quickly.

        If that was not the problem, then carry on....

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    Yes, but the plan is to move it to a new domain- and redirect the old domain 301 at least temporary until it expires (they are OK with this).

    Bruce this is a wordpress site/install, is there a way to just point the new, 'ok to use' domain name to that wp install/directory instead of wiping the other one out and copying it


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