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I am using Statcounter to see how much traffic comes to my sites. I can also see the the link activity and exit link activity and page activity and all kinds of stuff.

It clearly shows people exiting the page by clicking on one of the adsense ads, yet google not displaying it or giving credit for it. I mean I am having people from Australia to Canada and down to South Africa and up in Norway visiting my pages and exiting through the ads. SO it's not like trying click fraud or anything else calling all the relatives. Does anyone have any advice? Or had similar experience with adsense?

Adsense also shows the impressions but don't show any clicks. So no credit given at all. Any ideas what's going on? Thanx for the help
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    First thing I would do is check to make sure the script is correct in the adsense on your site. Something as simple as an extra space included when copy/pasting can cause real problems.

    Statcounter registered everythng - google may not register reloads or page revisits. Google adsense clicks require (I believe) that the advertisement be loaded so if someone clicks and then leaves that page before it loads, it doesn't count as a click.

    More info on this very topic can be found at the link below

    (gross avatar, by the way)


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    Hi Kay.

    I am glad you like my avatar and thanx for your reply.

    I had checked the code and they look fine to me as I am not a programmer to know where to look.
    On the other hand my sites gets about 3000 or more visitors per month but no credit for clicks. I used to used Adwords and having the same amount and even less visitors made me money every day. Now I have nothing.

    My account is not banned. One of my site is quite active and gets about 80-100 visitors per day. Even if Statcounter was malfunctioning I can't imagine none of those would had click on one of the ads. It's just something not right with google adsense.
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      I had a member who this exact same problem a week ago, when i checked here account she had missed the bottom bit of the adsense code when she copied over.

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    Hi M Thompson.

    Thanx for the response.

    Nope, it's all there, just checked it. The code is the same as the one on the adsense site. You just click on it and highlights the whole thing and just copy and paste after that. None missing.
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