God told me to start internet marketing at 16 and I didnt listen, he's talking again...

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I had the strangest intuition at 16 to jump head first into internet marketing to build a list. What did I do, I went and got a regular job and never looked back. Over 12 years later I enter into a super crowded ultra competitive industry. 99% failing rate, WOW!

I have that same funny feeling for mobile advertising. I don't trust adam horwitz mobile monopoly or mack michaels cell phone profts. Do any of you know a person making good profits with a system he teaches.

Please let me know. I am going to start fishing for the best training. Thanks for reading
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    I dont do a lot within the Mobile Marketing Industry myself dude but know a few guys doing well so will hit them up and see what they recommend for you.

    On a side note I heard Adam Horwitz's course is pretty good and know people who have learnt a good solid foundation to be building on top of.

    But youre right about one thing, take action while the irons hot, the way technologies moving now theres markets opening up left right and centre

    Wishing you the best in your endeavours

    Peace ~Z~
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    I hear you ncmedia, but you know there are alot of salesletters that promise you the world to deliver poop in digital form.
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    I am honest. I am not selling anything just telling you an opportunity I missed 12 years ago. I feel that mobile marketing has that potential I am just asking for recommendations on mentors. As far as the God part, I have a strong belief that our intuition and creation comes from God. I would never put something misleading on a page, I really care about integrity and honesty.
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