Don't Mess With These Guys!!!

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...Or this is what will happen

This domain name has been seized by ICE - Homeland Security Investigations

I was in the mood to watch a streaming hockey game and went to justintv,
but before that someone mentioned on another forum about the above site
that is similar to justintv.

After checking that site out it made me realize how serious the penalties are for copyright infringement.

Um....5 years in the clinker
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    I watched NFL all season on this site and then went on a few weeks ago to watch a Pitt Basketball game and saw this.

    They are still around. I'll PM you the new address.
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    Not to mention a $250,000 fine. Why do people have to engage in illegal sharing of media? It's not like it costs an arm and a leg to pay for cable, or a music cd.
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      Don't Mess With These Guys!!!
      Don't mess with who?

      I live in the UK, so all of these initials, such as ICE, mean nothing to me. I presume that they are are law enforcement agency. Although not very effective if the second poster is correct:

      They are still around. I'll PM you the new address.
      But, perhaps I'm missing something here and barking up the wrong tree. If so - sorry for disrupting the thread.

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    yeah, was gone too yesterday. Damn..
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    This is very sad that things like this have to happen. The law is very serious.

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    Yeah, the site still exists. There are dozens of them. Since most of these sites are hosted outside of the country I doubt U.S copyright law is much of a concern.

    For me it's not about cost, it's about watching games that don't get televised or catching a game while I'm "working" in my office.

    Doesn't it seem like they are trying a little too hard to be intimidating with this landing page? Homeland Security Agent? Is this really what we are paying the Dept. of Homeland Security to do? Attack websites that stream live sporting events????
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    HOME LAND SECURITY is now going after file sharers and copyright violators?

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    Justin TV is crap anyways better to pay for netflix or hulu.
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    Although they do stream games that are on cable and rightly we should be paying for one thing I think these sites do that's fair is give you a way to watch games that are simply on broadcast television if you don't have a TV. In this day and age I think broadcast networks should be streaming all their sports events online, I don't see why not. Well I do, it's not as profitable as television for them but conceivably they could sell more ads just for the internet live streaming.
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    WOW seems as though they would have better things to do then mess with copyright infringement.
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