Social Media Marketing for the Naive Newbie?

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Hi everyone,
I'm working on a promotion plan for a product which isn't quite ready yet. I'm pretty much cyber-illiterate. When it's actually time to get the word out about my product, I'd like to utilize several marketing venues, starting with Social Media Marketing. That's my focus of the day.

As far as Social Media resources, I have found several lengthy lists, then realized I was probably reinventing the wheel.

So from reviewing messages in this group, I'm thinking the top favorites (and hopefully that equates to most productive as far as marketing) are:

I don't even have accounts on them, never used them. So I need some basic guidance. I know that on Facebook you can have ads and that you can do posts that somehow introduce your product and hopefully, the word will be spread.

Looking for advice and instructions on how to develop a successful social marketing strategy (ies). Based on what input I get here, I will probably focus most of my time on Facebook (I've never even done a post there, ever!) and Youtube.

Ok, please let the suggestions and advice fly! (looking for do's and don't, this worked well for me, this didn't work well for me. This got me in a whole sh**load of trouble! Don't even go there, kinda things).

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    1. Forget Myspace unless you have some hip hop music you want to get out.
    2. Start researching good automation tools that acquire targeted followers.
    3. Facebook is a good landing page, so develop that and use twitter to shuffle people over to the facebook page.
    4. Study SEO (what keywords you need to use) so you can have your YouTube videos optimized correctly so they can bring in organic traffic

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    Facebook is the only social media site that is worth your time

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    I use facebook for one of my niches and just add all the people who are associated with the same groups and everything, then I funnel them into my squeeze page.
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      Thank you very much.

      I will probably be focusing on Facebook as well as Youtube. I think Youtube "feels" the most comfortable to me.
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    Social media should be important, but I'm not actually very successful with it, just need to try more.
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      Twitter can be used effectively but it's important to learn how to use it. In particular, focus on a particular group of interests or related niches and provide useful information about your focused theme. Don't try to be all things to all people.

      Unfortunately, most people seem to approach Twitter like a door-to-door salesman, whereas it is like visiting a friend's home. If you badger your friends to buy, it's likely you won't be invited back. If you make the friendship your main concern, people will be open and receptive to some gentle marketing.

      I find Twitter to be useful in many ways. it quickly gets new web pages indexed on your website, for instance. It's also fairly easy to channel followers to an opt-in list, where you can conduct email marketing.

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    You are definitely on the right track.

    What I would suggest is that once you setup your accounts you then go ahead and link them all up. So that your website is connected to facebook and then facebook connected to twitter etc.

    That way you will get maximum exposure for your marketing efforts.

    Tks Donna

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    Hi Darla,

    The whole purpose of social media marketing is to attract people to either your personal brand, your product brand, or both. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is come up with a brand strategy for the product which you are planning to promote. You have to identify your product's unique marketing position, and highlight the unique benefits which your target customers will receive from using your product. The operative word is "unique". How is your product going to improve upon the lives of those in your target market above and beyond what already exists on the market. This is how you gain your product's "market position".

    Therefore, before you engage in social media, you need to work on the branding strategy of your product. Once you have done this, I suggest that you focus on the following social media platforms:

    1. Facebook

    2. Twitter

    3. YouTube (Yes, YouTube is a social community like Facebook)

    However, I am worried that you are not familiar with any of these platforms. I strongly encourage you to read books and educate yourself on how to market with these social networking platforms, otherwise it will be very difficult to utilize them in the proper manner. You need to be subtle, and take a soft-sale approach in your marketing strategy with these tools.

    Education and planning are going to be absolutely crucial to the success of your launch.
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    My suggestion is start with facebook and become an expert on it and than move to other marketing until you don't get good targeted visitors into your website...

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      Good advice Alamest....might as well get to know 500 million people and get in where you fit in

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