Need a script that can catch a CB payment id

by thedog
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Hi guys, can anyone tell me how I'd go about getting this done... maybe there's a WP plugin, or maybe I need a coder to do it for me?

Here's what I'm after, I'll try and make it as clear as possible.

1. User buys a CB product on my site, with the promise of a free gift. They're given instructions to submit their tranaction ID into a form and send it off to me for verification.

2. If they enter the wrong code, or are trying a bogus code, they get a try again screen.

3. If they enter the right code, they get thank you screen.
How do I do this?
Is there anyway to have the form check my CB account for verification? Or do I manually input the transaction ID's somewhere?

4. I'd like to wait a period of time before they get their free gift, don't want people just asking for refunds.

Where should I start, if I want to get the ball rolling on this?

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