SqueezePage Vs Regular Index Page: Review

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hey folks

i received suggestions to change the index page of my video marketing service, from a regular (maybe dull) index page to a squeeze page...

can i get your feed back on the changes made:

http://www.makemclick.com (new squeezepage index)

Video Marketing Service - Make'M Click (old index page)

all input is welcomed, thanks

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    Had a quick look at both of them.

    Think the new one is better however you need to go through the copy I think.

    For instance:

    Earn More Money With Your Marketing Videos

    Make Em Click

    You can get a stronger headline than this - think benefits right at the top.


    Finally Revealed: How To GUARANTEE A TON Of Hungry Buyers To Your Website!

    Crazy Videos That FORCE People To Come RUNNING To Your Website!
    Video Marketing Has Changed Forever...

    Modify that ^ as it is not that good!

    However you can see what I mean...

    Then you need to go into proof.


    show real proof of clickthroughs


    show the clickthroughs you got using the system

    THEN have your opt in box for free.

    Hope this helps.

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      Chris hit the nail on the head...give it a quick walk through...other then that it seems to look good...
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    thanks Chris/Mike!

    i'll look at revamping the copy text myself or hiring someone with more experience.

    and thanks for the tip on adding a "Proof" section

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  • Profile picture of the author mukesh86
    new squeeze page is looking good then old index page.
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